International Environmental Architecture Research Group

This project, through a series of dialogue processes centering on diverse actors-among them particularly stakeholders in the scientific community - will seek identification and convergence, wherever possible, of the latest views and perspectives about international environmental governance in international relations, in the face of diverse, sometimes opposing, interests. By clarifying the overall and detailed aspects of debate on these topics, the project will clarify the degree of scientific consensus and/or differences in perspectives. Next, by summarizing this kind of research and knowledge about agency and architecture in environmental governance, the project aims to indicate key points to create an effective architecture. The project will also indicate how the findings of this discussion can be reflected in policy aspects of the international preparatory processes for the Conference on Sustainable Development being planned for 2012.

Prof. Norichika Kanie (Tokyo Institute of Technology) is the chair of the research group, and the offices of the group are located at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. For questions and comments on the project, please contact with Dr. Akira Ichikawa ([at], the secretary general of the project. The main sponsor of the activity is the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

2011 - 2012