Alex Lo is a human geographer with diverse research interests. He completed his PhD in Environmental Studies at the Australian National University in 2011, followed by a permanent lectureship at the Griffith University in Australia, a position he held until 2015. Previously, he held a research appointment at Vienna, Austria, and coordinated environmental education projects for the Hong Kong Government. Currently, he is affiliated with the Department of Geography of the University of Hong Kong.

His research is closely aligned with the analytical problems of Adaptiveness and Agency identified in the Earth System Governance Science Plan. A focus of his recent research is climate change adaptation and environmental risk perception. He is developing a research program for understanding how small businesses adapt to climate change impacts, which aims to 1) clarify the complex relationships between norms of social relation and trust, environmental risk perception, and operational adjustments on the part of small business owners, and 2) propose an alternative framework for understanding localized economic adaptation and enhancing the adaptive capacity of small businesses in climate-challenged coastal communities. The research addresses the nexus between economic development, social capital, and climate adaptation. Moreover, he has been studying the use of market mechanisms for climate change mitigation in China, focusing on issues around governance and the role of non-state actors, notably markets and businesses. His recent research activities are concentrated in middle-income countries or regions, notably China.

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