Andrea Haefner holds a PhD from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia focusing on transboundary river basins. More broadly, her research looks at the salient changes in the Asia Pacific‘s security patterns and the rise of non-traditional security issues on the region’s security agenda, especially regarding environmental security and water governance. Andrea’s recently published book ‘Negotiating for Water Resources: Bridging Transboundary River Basins’ focuses on the Mekong, Danube and La Plata River Basins.

Andrea Haefner currently also works as Water Resources Management Advisor at the National University of Laos and previously worked for the German local government and in international organisations in Southeast Asia.

Selected Publications: 

  • Haefner, A (2017), “Environmental Disasters in the Mekong Subregion: Looking Beyond State Boundaries”, in Miller, M, Douglass, M & Garschangen, M ‘Crossing Borders: Governing Environmental Disasters in a Global Urban Age in Asia and the Pacific’, book forthcoming with Springer in late 2017.
  • Gerlak, A and Haefner, A (2017) “Riparianization of the Mekong River Commission”, Water International, Vol 42, Iss 7, pp. 893-902.    Haefner, A (2017) “Pak Beng Consultation Process Improved, But To What End?”, Mekong Eye, 9.5.2017.
  • Haefner, A (2016), “Negotiating for Water Resources: Bridging Troubled Waters”, Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management, Routledge, New York, USA.
  • Haefner, A (2016) “Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Mekong Region”, Griffith Asia Insights, Griffith Asia Institute, 26.8.2016.
  • Haefner, A (2016) “Water Governance in the Mekong”, Australian Outlook, Australian Institute for International Affairs (AIIA), 24.02.2016.
  • Haefner, A (2016) “Water Governance in the Mekong Subregion: Changing times for the Mekong River Commission”, Griffith Asia Insights, Griffith Asia Institute, 21.01.2016.
  • Haefner, A (2013) “Regional Environmental Security: Cooperation and Challenges in the Mekong Subregion”, Global Change, Peace and Security, Vol. 25, Issue 1, pp. 27-41.
  • Haefner, A (2013) “Non-Traditional Security- the Case of Water Security in the Mekong Subregion”, Pacific Geographies, 40, pp. 17-22.
  • Forbs, S; McIntosh, M and Haefner, A (2011) “Towards CSR and the Sustainable Enterprise Economy in the Asia Pacific Region”, Asia Pacific Work In Progress Research Paper Series, 1, 2011.

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