Dr. Åsa Persson is a Research Fellow at SEI Stockholm, which she first joined in 2001. A human geographer by training, she received her PhD degree in environmental policy from the London School of Economics & Political Science in 2007.

Her main research interest has evolved from studying the national environmental policy-making process in Sweden and Europe, to the international and global governance of climate change adaptation.

Particular topics that her research has addressed over the years include environmental policy integration (EPI), ‘new’ environmental policy instruments, strategic environmental assessment, mainstreaming climate in development finance, and global governance of the Earth system and ‘planetary boundaries’.

In September 2010 she begun a two-year post-doc tenure at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, under the Adaptive Governance theme. The aim of this research is to examine whether emerging international governance of climate change adaptation, and in particular bi- and multilateral finance flows, will lead to a commodification of adaptation and how boundaries between private and public responsibility are drawn.