Barry Ness is an associate professor in sustainability science at the Centre for Sustainability Studies, LUCSUS, at Lund University. He is the director of studies for PhD research school, the director of the Skåne local interaction platform for the Mistra Urban Futures project, and the editor-in-chief for the journal, Challenges in Sustainability. His research interests are diverse, focusing on sustainability assessment, inter- & transdisciplinarity, especially local participatory processes, and sustainability education.

His past research has concentrated on municipal solid waste treatment systems, processes of large land acquisitions in Africa, among numerous other areas. Barry’s primary teaching responsibilities are in the the LUMES Master’s program at Lund University where he is the coordinator for the Energy & Sustainability and Sustainability Science courses. and Methodology courses. Barry was born and raised in Minnesota, but has lived in Sweden for almost the past 20 years.