Since two and a half decades, I have worked at the CDE, a Swiss interdisciplinary centre of excellence for sustainable natural resource use, regional development and global change. In this capacity I have provided advice and developed concepts and tools for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and for CDE’s long-term North-South research programmes. Since its implementation, CDE has further developed inter-and transdisciplinary theory and practice for SD, but it has always been strongly challenged by conflicting reference systems and objectives of academia and policy – and by fairly disciplinary natural-science dominance. Thus, aside of and as much as possible in my daily work I try to capitalise and reflect on my own learning and CDE’s institutional experiences with inter-and transdisciplinarity approaches. In my (late) PhD I focus the role of research in institutionalising co-production of knowledge and societal learning processes for SD, with the intention to expanding the theoretical and methodological foundations, and deducing implications with regard to engaging in, and further developing, sustainability science and transdisciplinarity.

I am following the IHDP (Berlin Conferences since 2001) and the ESG project since its beginning. I participated in several conferences (Amsterdam 2007, Berlin 2008, Colorado 2011, Norwich 2014, Canberra 2015, Nairobi 2016, Lund 2017; some with presentation). I tried to follow the developments within the ESG and the transdisciplinarity and sustainability science discourse in many other conferences, but EGS is my cognitive and emotional ‘home’. In 2017, I could publish an article within the ESG harvesting initiative for the ESG Task Force Conceptual Foundation. I would like to follow ESG in a new phase as a future (senior) researcher. I am seeking a closer interaction and exchange with an international community devoted to Global Governance, research partnership and transcultural studies. I hope to further strengthen my network and forge friendships within a sustainability oriented research community.

Latest publications

  • Cordula Ott (2017). Enabling Transformative Research: Lessons from the Eastern and Southern Africa Partnership Programme (1999–2015). Challenges in Sustainability, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 15–23. DOI: 10.12924/cis2017.05010015 / ISSN: 2297–6477 http://www.librelloph.com/challengesinsustainability/article/view/cis-5.1.15
  • Ott, Cordula; Kiteme, Boniface (2016). Concepts and practices for the democratisation of knowledge generation in research partnerships for sustainable development. Evidence and Policy, 12(3), pp. 405-430. Policy Press 10.1332/174426416X14700793045951
  • Kläy, Andreas; Ott, Cordula (2015). Erkenntnissysteme, Humanökologie und Ethik: C. West Churchmans Impuls zu Nachhaltiger Entwicklung am Beispiel der Klimaverhandlungen. In: Simon, Karl-Heinz; Tretter, Felix (eds.) Systemtheorien und Humanökologie: Positionsbestimmungen in Theorie und Praxis (pp. 181-214). München, Deutschland: oekom