Ieva Misiune has a Ph.D. in Social Sciences (Management). In her doctoral work, Ieva has analyzed the initiatives of stakeholders in environmental governance, more specifically the motives and consequences of the transnational environmental certification. Currently her scientific interest is related to the governance of ecosystem services and the involvement of the stakeholders. Ieva is a member of the two COST Management Committees (COST Action IS1204 on ecosystems and tourism, and the successfully finished COST Action IS0802 on private environmental governance). At present, she is a national leader of URBANGAIA project (http://urbangaia.eu/) and a scientific advisor at the Horizon 2020 ESMERALDA project as well as national project LINESAM (Lithuanian National Ecosystem Services Assessment and Mapping). Also she is developing her postdoctoral research project at Vilnius University (Lithuania) on evaluation of ecosystem services demand in Vilnius.

Over the course of her studies and work, Ieva made several internships at the Ghent University and at the Free University of Amsterdam. She attended a number of international conferences in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland, also attended young scientists’ workshops in the Netherlands and Germany. She published WoS papers and several book chapters.

Scientific publications:

  • Misiune, I. (2018) Transnational environmental standards in Eastern Europe: an assessment of companies in Lithuania and their adoption motives. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. (in press) doi: 10.1080/13504509.2018.1430071.
  • Depellegrin, D.A., Pereira, P., Misiune, I., Egarter-Vigl, L. (2016) Mapping Ecosystem Services in Lithuania. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. 23: 441–455.
  • Misiūnė, I. (2012) Environmental non-governmental certification: adoption, compliance of voluntary standards and their effects for the enterprises. Strategy and Practice of Sustainable Development: Scientific Publications, 2012 No 1 (6). Mykolas Romeris University, p. 48-57.
  • Kapaciauskaite, I. (2011) Environmental Governance in the Baltic Sea Region and the Role of Non-governmental Actors. Proc. Int. Conf. on Regional Environmental Governance (REGov): Interdisciplinary Approaches, Theoretical Issues, Comparative Designs, June 16-18, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.


Email: Ieva.misiune [at] mruni.eu; ieva.misiune [at] gmail.com

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