Ina Möller is a researcher and PhD candidate within the Department of Political Science at Lund University. Her work revolves around the governance of climate change, where she focuses on the institutionalisation of ideas and the role of non-state actors in shaping global governance. Her research project aims to explain the recent expansion of the debate on climate geoengineering, looking at the connectedness of scientific communities to the political realm and the role of various non-state actors in shaping the way we talk and think about climate geoengineering.

Ina also teaches students at various levels on topics within the broader field of environmental governance and science/policy interface. She has had the opportunity to engage with Swedish youth to talk about developments in the climate change negotiations, comment on climate-related documentaries and address environmental issues more generally at various public events. She is also a board member of the Oresund Early Career Sustainability Researchers Network (ODYSUS) that aims to connect young researchers across southern Sweden and Denmark.

Ina has a background in Political Science and Sustainability Science. Before starting her PhD research project, she worked as a research assistant for the Earth System Governance Project in Lund, where she conducted background research on geoengineering and scientific advisory systems in international environmental institutions.