In her PhD research Marijn Faling focuses on policy entrepreneurship across policy boundaries and policy processes in the climate change and food security nexus. She focuses on Climate-Smart Agriculture, a newly emerged concept that brings together agriculture, climate change, development and food security in a holistic approach.

Marijn is research editor of the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP). She has done a research internship with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Africa, and was visiting researcher with the Governance, Environment and Markets Initiative (GEM) of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Marijn Faling has prior experience in research on disaster risk reduction, climate change, environment, policy change and governance.   She She holds a research master in International Development Studies and a master in Political Science.

Highlighted publications: 

  • Faling, M., Biesbroek, R., Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, S., & Termeer, K. (2018). Policy entrepreneurship across boundaries: A systematic literature review. Journal of Public Policy, 1-30. doi:10.1017/S0143814X18000053
  • Faling, M., Garard, J., Schouten, G., Schulz, K. Veeger, M. Vervoort, J. & Rutting, L. (2017). Innovative Participatory Research Methods in Earth System Governance. Annual Review of Social Partnerships 12, 76-80.
  • de Milliano C., Faling M., Clark-Ginsberg A., Crowley D., Gibbons P. (2015) Resilience: The Holy Grail or Yet Another Hype?. In: Gibbons P., Heintze HJ. (eds) The Humanitarian Challenge. Springer, Cham.

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