Current (relevant to topic) Activities:

Professor, undergraduate and graduate courses in Law, Universidade de Itaúna, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil (as of May 2007). Courses taught include i.a. Business and Sustainable Development; The Human Rights Aspect of Sustainable Development; Sustainable Development – the legal evolution.

Leader of Research Group (CNPq registered) on Global Governance and Human Rights.

Member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Earth System Governance Project (2009-2014).

Director of the Brazilian Branch of the International Law Association (Director of Studies), and member of the ILA International Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development as of 2002;

Relevant past activities:

Member of former ILA International Committees on Transnational Enforcement of Environmental Law;  Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development (1993-2002); Outer Continental Shelf (2000-2010) – see www.ila-hq.org

Visiting Lecturer at Cal State Hayward, winter term 2000, course Regional Economic International and the WTO – a view from the South. (Jan. to March)

Academic background:

Ms (1993 – dissertation: European Community Investment Partners – law ruling international cooperation) and PhD (2000 – ) in International Law by the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil; Graduate Certificate in International Law and Organisation for Development, Institute of Social Studies, 1996; Graduate Certificate in Gestão da Cooperação Técnica Internacional (Management of Technical International Cooperation)(FEA/USP/ABC/UNDP 1991); BS Degree in Law – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas, 1986.

Recent Relevant Publications in English:

  • Vieira, Susana Camargo. Mercosul and Sustainable Development in 2010. ISA 2011 General Conference, Montreal, May 2011 (available from website).
  • Vieira, Susana Camargo. in print, Law In A Changing World (Or Laboratories In Democracy?)Chapter in book resulting from the ASADIP Conference at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. In August 2010
  • Vieira, Susana: Yearbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford University Press). Brazil Report (volumes 10-21, corresponding to years 1999 to 2010).
  • Vieira, Susana: ‘Good Governance’ and Global Change: Looking at Agents in Brazil. IHDP UPDATE Issue Governance as a Cross Cutting Theme in Human Dimensios Science. Bonn, Alemanha, 2009.
  • Vieira, Susana: Balancing Human Rights and Sustainable Development – the case of the São Francisco River in Brazil. Diritto & Diritti. http://www.diritto.it/pdf/28397.pdf
  • Vieira, Susana: Building a Human Rights Culture for Sustainable Development – the  ILA Contribution. Diritto & Diritti. http://www.diritto.it/docs/26844-building-a-human-rights-culture-for-sustainable-development-the-ila-contribution
  • Vieira, Susana: Globalisation and Privatisation – a challenge to Sustainable Development? A case study. Diritto & Diritti. http://www.diritto.it/docs/26778-globalisation-and-privatisation-a-challenge-to-sustainable-development-a-case-study
  • Vieira, Susana: Brazil-South Africa: south-south cooperation  for  sustainable development. South African Yearbook on International Law. , v.32, p.361 – 375, 2007.

Contact: susanacvieira[at]gmail.com or susanacvieira[at]uit.br (please email to both)