Theresa joined the National Drought Mitigation Center in 2015 as an Environmental Policy Specialist looking at the linkage between physical and socio-economic indicators of current and future drought in the recreation and tourism sector in the Western United States. She attended Colorado State University for her M.A. and Ph.D. in environmental policy from the Political Science department. During that time, she also worked as a staff researcher in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory on Colorado’s first climate vulnerability study. At the drought center, she looks forward to developing a project collaboratively with the National Center for Atmospheric Research that will help make climate forecasting more relevant for outdoor enthusiasts and those working in the tourism industry.

Conference Papers and Publications

Jedd, Theresa. 2012. “Increasing State Buy-In for Sustainability: How Do Domestic Levels of Democracy and Capacity Affect Participation in International Sustainable Forest Management Initiatives?” at International Studies Association’s 2012 Annual Convention, San Diego, CA.

Shultz, Courtney; Jedd, Theresa; Beam, Ryan. In Press.  “The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program: A History and Overview of the First Projects.” Journal of Forestry. (Advance copy available online.)


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