Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES)

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LUMES is an interdisciplinary international master’s programme on Environment and Sustainability conducted entirely in English. The programme is open to qualified students from around the globe. Its overarching objective is to furnish students with the knowledge and skills they need, whatever their future occupations, for creating a more sustainable world.

The overall objective of the LUMES programme is to furnish students with knowledge, competence and preparedness to take action in contributing positively to long-term ecological, economic and social sustainable development through a critical- and systems thinking approach. The programme is designed to build on the previous knowledge, skills and experiences of students with the ultimate intention of producing graduates having the capacity to become creators of change, locally as well as globally.

There are themes running through the programme to create continuity between courses. Thinking holistically requires seeing things as systems; system thinking is used as the principal methodological approach of the programme. Through this approach students learn to grasp and understand the human and ecological interactions of complex environmental problems, and to see solutions to problems that could not be realized with more conventional problem-solving approaches. A second theme is the continuous training of how to communicate in an academically acceptable way. This academic communication is especially relevant for the LUMES programme due to its inter-disciplinary nature and the subject matter of sustainability, which is not a simple concept to communicate stringently.

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