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This new one-year MSc Political Science specialization “Global Environmental Governance” at the VU University Amsterdam is a unique combination of broad training in political science with intense specialised lectures and seminars on global environmental governance. In the first part of the programme, students will get a solid foundation in political theory, methods of political science, and international relations. In the second part, they will specialise in global environmental governance, with emphasis on the new actors, mechanisms and interlinkages in this important field of international relations. Students will finalise their studies with an MSc thesis, which may focus on the many large-scale international research projects on global environmental governance underway at the VU University Amsterdam. Students in this new MSc programme can also rely on the university’s extensive international networks, such as the Europe-wide Global Governance Project ( and the worldwide Earth System Governance Project (

The new MSc programme is demanding in its combination of a disciplinary focus on political science within a multidisciplinary field of study. It unites challenging academic work with the search for practical solutions and policy reform. It is targeted at students with both academic and practical career objectives, and it is decidedly international in approach. Moreover, as a one-year programme, it can be particularly appealing to those who may prefer a shorter timeframe for their academic pursuits. Finally, it is located in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, known not only for its vibrant cultural life and architectural beauty, but also for its strong environmental policies, with more bicycles per inhabitant than cars.

The MSc Political Science (Global Environmental Governance) requires a BSc degree or equivalent in a social science, preferably political science. The programme is taught in English. More information is available here.

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