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Taskforce on New Technologies

The proposal for a new geological epoch dominated by human activity – the Anthropocene – highlights…

Taskforce on Earth System Law
The Task Force on Earth System Law is composed of a large member network worldwide, which accommodates an interdisciplinary community of scientists focusing on the legal challenges of the Anthropocene and the many complex, multi-scalar governance challenges arising from within an Earth System context.
Taskforce on the Governance of Nature and Biodiversity

Aims and scope The ongoing loss of nature and biodiversity due to human activity, exacerbated by…

Recent publications

Realpolitik and Reform at Rio+20: The Politics of Reforming the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

This research aims to explore the barriers and opportunities to change in the form and mandate of United Nations Environment…

Exploring the agency of global environmental consultancy firms in earth system governance

A revised version of this working paper has been published as:Bouteligier, Sofie. 2011. Exploring the agency of global environmental consultancy…

The Green State and Industrial Decarbonisation

The large share of carbon emitted by energy-intensive industries in the extraction and processing of basic materials must be limited…