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ESG Speaker Series


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Taskforce on Climate Governance
Climate governance must better reflect characteristics of sectoral systems.
Taskforce on New Technologies

The proposal for a new geological epoch dominated by human activity – the Anthropocene – highlights…

Taskforce on Knowledge Cumulation

The Earth System Governance ‘Taskforce on Knowledge Cumulation’ seeks to bring together scholars that share a…

Recent publications

(Transnational) law for the Anthropocene: revisiting Jessup’s move from ‘what?’ to ‘how?’

In the Anthropocene, legal thinking is challenged to re-envision the ‘human' position vis-à-vis the ‘natural' ‘environment'. To map this challenge,…

Sustainability: Politics and Governance

The chapter gives an overview of global sustainability policy and politics. It is shown how international policy making on sustainable…

Creating legitimacy in global private governance: The case of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

This article suggests that understanding legitimization processes of private governance initiatives requires a multi-dimensional approach. This suggestion has been operationalized…