The 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance brings together the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change.

The 2021 Bratislava Conference has come to an end.

6 plenary sessions, policy forum, 9 pararel session slots and 2 innovative all over 3 days!

Pre Conference Dinner

At the Closing Plenary Session, Conference Chair Tatiana Kluvánková provided three prominent aspects that encapsulated this annual Earth System Governance conference: collaboration, social change, and the (virtual) community – all of which have been in focus throughout the week. Similarly, the Closing Plenary panel discussion created space for a range of reflections. For Stanislava Brnkalakova, a key member of the 2021 Bratislava organizing team, the conference theme strongly reflected dialogues around ecosystem services and digital innovation, in our personal research and practices, as well as civil society involvement. Susan Park spoke for many when she expressed gratitude for Opening Speaker Prof. Karen O’Brien, highlighting the importance of how we, as individuals, relate and connect to others in an entangled world. Jasper Montana, the winner of the 2021 Oran R. Young Prize, spoke of the challenge to understand deeply diverse contexts and relations within a broader global perspective at the same time. Finally, Prakash Kashwan queried how we as a community can engage in collective action to create policy-relevant and politically salient work. His quote later in the evening described Earth System Governance as the “cross-cutting interdisciplinary communities of colleagues & friends, who are working together to push the field beyond the scholarly comfort levels. Onward & upward!”

Plenary section of the closing panel of the conference in hybrid broadcast

On behalf of the Hosts Organizations and Organizing Team of the 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance, we thank you warmly for participating, both virtually and on-site! Recorded videos from plennaries and keynote lecture are available here on Earth System Governance TV.

Opening Plenary Panel

.Tatiana Kluvánková, Conference Chair, CETIP, SlovakGlobe, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava. Gustav Thungren, Managing Director of the Earth System Governance Project.

Main lecture prof. Karen O´Brien
Prof. Tatiana Kluvánková opens the conference
Prof. Kluvánková (chair), Prof. Jilková (CETIP) and Doc. Špirkova (STU) in the discussion after the plenary session
Stanislava Brnkalakova and Tatiana Kluvánková at the Closing Plenary
Hybrid discussion

Older information

The conference is hosted in collaboration with CETIP, SlovakGlobe, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, and the Earth System Governance Project. It is designed to provide a lively forum for hundreds of scholars to engage in discussions on their research, and to exchange new insights and ideas on earth system governance and global sustainability.

Given the uncertainties and risks related to public health and travel, this will be primarily a virtual conference. Recently on-site participation has become possible. To come to Bratislava to meet and network with a small group of scholars (50) please read all further details here.

Key dates

  • Final registration date for presenting authors: 1 August 2021
  • Full papers due: 22 August 2021

The 2021 Bratislava Conference is organized around the five analytical lenses structuring the earth system governance research agenda, as captured in the 2018 Science and Implementation Plan; and a sixth stream focusing on specific issues and challenges concerning the current moment of crisis, contestation, and calls for action across the globe.

Contextual Conditions and Research Lenses from the 2018 Science and Implementation Plan

The 2021 Bratislava Conference stands in a long tradition of global conferences on earth system governance, from Amsterdam (2007 and 2009) to Colorado (2011), Lund (2012), Tokyo (2013), Norwich (2014), Canberra (2015), Nairobi (2016), Lund (2017), Utrecht (2018), Oaxaca (2019), Virtual Forum (2020)