Conference Format

Virtual Conference

Given the uncertainties and risks related to public health and travel, stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Organizing Team have decided to proceed with planning of the 2021 Bratislava Conference as a virtual conference. This means that registration will only open for virtual attendance at first and programme sessions will be hosted fully virtually.

For a global community of scholars, the virtual format presents the most inclusive, safe, and accessible way forward currently, meanwhile allowing us to experiment with novel ways to further spur collaboration and interaction in these trialing times.

Further information for presenting authors, sessions conveners and general attendees will be made available in due time.

Time Zones

The Organizing Team is seeking to best ensure that attendees time zones availabilities will be taken into consideration in our programme planning, so that the Conference is globally accessible. By planning according three time zone groups, we hope to ensure that sessions are scheduled for attendance from at least two out of three groups. We will refer to these time zone groups as A, B, and C.

When registering for the Conference, we ask all attendees to register their preferred time zone availability according to the time zone A, B, or C.

Possible on-site attendance

In the preparations for the 2021 Bratislava Conference, we understand that on-site participation is desired by many within the Earth System Governance community.

While we share such sentiments and remain open to the idea of convening the community for on-site attendance in Bratislava, we cannot currently organize this in ways that are adequately safe or adherent to public health guidelines.

A reassessment on possible onsite attendance will be made in late May. Eventual on-site attendance will, if so, require a separate added-on registration fee from participants.