These FAQs will be complemented with information on logistics, programme, and much more soon.

Conference Format

Will the 2021 Bratislava Conference be held virtually?

Yes. Given the uncertainties and risks related to public health and travel, stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Organizing Team have decided to proceed with planning of the 2021 Bratislava Conference as a virtual conference. This means that registration is for virtual attendance and programme sessions will be hosted fully virtually. Read more here.

What does the new opportunity to attend the conference in Bratislava mean then?

The Organising Committee will be on-site at the conference location and would like to offer 50 places for those who wish to attend Plenary Sessions, Semi-Plenary Sessions and networking events in person. Those who would like to avail of such an opportunity can read more here. However, parallel panels and innovative sessions will still need to be hosted and participated in virtually via a personal laptop at the venue.

What time zones does the 2021 Bratislava Conference accommodate for virtual presentations?

We are seeking to best accommodate global access for attendees to the 2021 Bratislava Conference. Our approach is to plan our programme according three time zone groups, which will guide the shaping and time placement of our sessions. Read more here.

Registration & Payment

How do I register for the 2021 Bratislava Conference?

The online registration to the conference is open and available here.

How do I register for on-site attendance?

This is an extra registration and payment which can be made via the on-site payment portal.

When is the final day to register for presenting authors?

The final day to register for authors of accepted abstracts that wish to present their paper is 1 August 2021.

Is financial support available?

Not at this stage. We are working with partner organizations to raise funds for financial support to early-career participants and participants from developing countries. We expect limited funds to become available and eligible participants will be contacted individually.

Note: There is no need to or advantage in contacting us about this. Eligible participants will be contacted by us.

Is a reduced registration fee available?

There is a reduced registration fee for students and participants from developing countries, and for representatives of co-hosting institutions.

Students (graduate and PhD) must supply a document, such as a student ID or letter of supervisor/university, stating that the student is currently enrolled at a college or university by email to bc2021@earthsystemgovernance.org

The country of residence in a low, lower-middle, or upper-middle income economy according to World Bank classification 2020 is determining eligibility for the developing country rate.

Note: eligibility thus is based on country of residence, not on citizenship.

Eligible for the co-host fee are staff members of the co-hosting institutions of the conference, as well as the speakers of the semi-plenaries organized by the co-hosting institutions.

Can I attend the conference for just one day?

The 2021 Bratislava Conference does not have a special day-rate. You are welcome to attend for just one day; however, the full registration fee will still apply.

Note to paper presenters: In order to keep the programme consistent, we cannot accommodate requests to present on a specific day or time.

I need to cancel my participation. Can I ask for a reimbursement of the registration fee?

If you need to cancel your participation after registering, please email us at bc2021@earthsystemgovernance.org

In case of cancellation before August, we will repay the registration fee with a deduction of 25% for banking and administrative costs.

After August 1st, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Presentation & Papers

Are there guidelines for the presentation?

Depending on the final number of presentations in the panel, each presenter will have 15-20 minutes for presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions and answers. It is up to the presenter whether or not to prepare a Power Point presentation.

The format for Innovative Sessions will be determined by the session organizers.

Are there guidelines for full papers?

Given that this is an interdisciplinary and international conference, participants are encouraged to draw on their own disciplinary or local norms and standards for paper length and format. However, recommended maximum length is 8.000 words. The scientific quality of your paper is most important.

Please note that the deadline for submission of full papers will be around 2 weeks before the conference.

How do I know what day and time I will present?

Although a preliminary version will be released in June, a final version of the detailed programme will be available in the weeks before the conference. Please note that the exact time-slot for your presentation may change up to the start of the conference as we aim at coherent panels and will have to adjust to withdrawals and other changes.

Note to paper presenters: In order to keep the programme consistent, we cannot accommodate requests to present at a specific day or time.

Is there a conference schedule available?

Yes, the preliminary schedule is here, but the parallel-panel schedule will not be released until August.


There will be no conference proceedings or similar conference publication. Please consider any of the Earth System Governance Project’s publication series, like the Working Paper Series or the Earth System Governance Journal, to publish your conference paper.

Book of Abstracts

An electronic book of abstracts is available in its first draft. If accepted, your abstract will be published in the abstract book on the conference website.

Technical and Platform FAQs

Do we need to record the session by ourselves or is this taken care of by our Tech support?

We take care of recording. Every session will be recorded and you can contact us to provide you with the video of your session.

Do participants have a ‘hand-up’ function as normal on Zoom?

This functionality is missing within the platform version of Zoom calls so we recommend you to tell the participants to use the chat or speak directly. One thing to note – bigger sessions (plenary, semi-plenary) use Zoom Webinar and on these sessions this functionality is available.

Can participants open their cameras if invited by the chair to ask questions?

Yes, participants are able to turn on the cameras.

Do we have to use Zoom polls or can we incorporate sli.do?

We have Zoom polls available, in case you want to have your poll ready in advance, you can contact our Support Lead at thomas22.szabo@gmail.com with prepared polls and we will put them into the Zoom meeting in advance. If you want to use sli.do, then you’d need to set it up separately and communicate that on your session. Currently there is no direct integration of sli.do within Zoom.

Can all participants share their screen or do they have to be co-hosts? I.e. for panelists who aren’t convenors.

We can set it up so only hosts can share or also allow any other participant to share. This can be arranged personally by talking to a tech support at the meeting.

Can you set up the moderator for us at larger sessions (plenaries/semi-plenaries)?

If you’d like to have a moderator that would go over the questions in chat, please contact our Support Lead at thomas22.szabo@gmail.com

What if I want to go to the meeting earlier than only 5 minutes in advance?

You can use the Zoom link provided to go there directly or contact our Support Lead at thomas22.szabo@gmail.com and we can open the session so it is available to join in anytime.