Technical Information

This is an overview on how speakers can use the virtual platform to present at the 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance  

Registration essential

Only registered attendants (session conveners, speakers and participants) are able to join the 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance via the virtual event platform. Please note the following about the registration.  You can register for the virtual conference here.

Access to the programme sessions is only available to registered users via the virtual event platform. Links to sessions cannot be accessed externally. 

Technical Information for Conveners

The 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance will use SCOOCS, a holistic virtual event platform, providing registered participants with the ability easily navigate and access the programme sessions, as well as to interact with other participants via the platform and during sessions.  Please note the following about SCOOCS: 

  • Access to the sessions is restricted to registered participants and can only be accessed via the SCOOCS platform.  
  • The SCOOCS platform can be accessed by entering a name and password, which will be provided via email to registered participants. 
  • The SCOOCS platform will go live on September 2nd.

SCOOCS offers a range of functionalities for session conveners and integrates with the videoconferencing tool Zoom, which will be used for the programme sessions. Zoom has two types of licenses that will be used during the Virtual Forum:   

Zoom Webinar licenses allow for a large number of participants and will be used for Plenary and Semi-Plenary Session, but will only allow the nominated speakers, chair , and moderator on camera, and similarly does not support break-out rooms. Those will be available via external links in the event platform and require having Zoom installed on the device. 

Zoom Meeting licenses will be used for Innovative Sessions and meetings during the Taskforce & Meeting day – these licenses support all participants on camera and break-out rooms to allow for more interactive sessions.  A  Zoom Meeting hosts up to 300 participants. Sessions that use break-out rooms can also be integrated in the SCOOCS platform.


An overview of the technical tools and support offered before and during your session    

SCOOCS has got several integrated functionalities to support you during the sessions, such as: 

Session description

Information about the session will be made available to attendees on the platform before the session. Session information can contain text, images, videos and pdf files.

Question & Answer (Q&A)

Zoom will provide a function to allow reviewed questions from the audience. We recommend for conveners to assign a moderator who can review, pre-answer and sort questions so that the speaker can focus on the responses. The moderator can convey questions to the chair, who can ask the selected questions live to the speaker.   

Powerpoint slides: 

The SCOOCS platform integrates with Zoom, in which presenters can share their screen with the public and operate it themselves.   

Break-out sessions:

SCOOCS platform with Zoom supports breakout rooms. By default, the meeting host (our support team) can do breaking into the separate rooms for you. If you want to do it by yourself, the meeting host can assign you a co-host role and you can do it within the platform. Please let us know before the 1 September if you want the breakout rooms. You can fill it in, in the attached run sheet.   

Technical Support for Conveners and Participants:

During the 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance, the Organizing Team will have a person managing and monitoring the event technically (participant named ESG Support) in the SCOOCS platform. Additionally, one member of the Organizing team will be assigned to as Tech support to monitor the smooth running of each session. Conveners or participants experiencing issues during the event can contact ESG Support via a SCOOCS chat function.

Technical Requirements for best Conference experience

Zoom. We will use the Zoom desktop client for larger sessions. The software can be downloaded from the Zoom website.
Google Chrome. We recommend using google chrome, please check if you have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.
Internet Speed & Security. Please guarantee that your internet speed is at least 3.2 Mbps outbound and 3.2 Mbps inbound (check here). It is recommended to disable pop-up blockers, ad blockers, and VPN or firewall connections.

Advice on how to prepare your Innovative/Semi-Plenary session   

To help with the planning of your session, we have prepared a Run Sheet template for conveners to fill in (for Parallel Panel Sessions it’s not needed). The Run Sheet breaks down the session into time slots, clearly indicating what will be said and the speaking order, as well as indicating whether PowerPoint slide and break out rooms will be used.    The Run Sheet will assist the Organizing Team to tailor the technology to the session and assist conveners in case something goes astray. An example of a run sheet is attached and we ask all session organizers to provide this to the Organizing Team by 1 September (

Please clarify roles (chairs / moderator / speaker) and speaking order before the event in your Run sheet. We will implement the session roles in SCOOCS within your session. If some of the roles are not clear yet from the description within the program, please e-mail us the names and e-mail addresses and we will implement them. You can fill them in in the attached run sheet.   

We would also like to highlight that we ask session speakers to be available 5 minutes before their session starts, in order for the Technical support to test that the speaker’s sound, video and Powerpoint slides are functioning well.

Q&A Specific to Innovative Session Conveners and Taskforce Day Conveners

Do we need to record the session by ourselves or is this taken care of by our Tech support?

We take care of recording. Every session will be recorded and you can contact us to provide you with the video of your session.

Do participants have a ‘hand-up’ function as normal on Zoom?

This functionality is missing within the platform version of Zoom calls so we recommend you to tell the participants to use the chat or speak directly. One thing to note – bigger sessions (plenary, semi-plenary) use Zoom Webinar and on these sessions this functionality is available.

Can participants open their cameras if invited by the chair to ask questions?

Yes, participants are able to turn on the cameras.

Do we have to use Zoom polls or can we incorporate

We have Zoom polls available, in case you want to have your poll ready in advance, you can contact our Support Lead at with prepared polls and we will put them into the Zoom meeting in advance. If you want to use, then you’d need to set it up separately and communicate that on your session. Currently there is no direct integration of within Zoom.

Can all participants share their screen or do they have to be co-hosts? I.e. for panelists who aren’t convenors.

We can set it up so only hosts can share or also allow any other participant to share. This can be arranged personally by talking to a tech support at the meeting.

Can you set up the moderator for us at larger sessions (plenaries/semi-plenaries)?

If you’d like to have a moderator that would go over the questions in chat, please contact our Support Lead at

What if I want to go to the meeting earlier than only 5 minutes in advance?

You can use the Zoom link provided to go there directly or contact our Support Lead at and we can open the session so it is available to join in anytime.