Innovative Session IX

Thursday, 9 September 2021
10:30 – 12:00 CEST

How to Overcome Social Dilemmas on Climate Change? Ecosystem Services Governance as an Interactive Behavioural Experiment

Martin Spacek, Tatiana Kluvankova and CETIP/Slovak Globe Lab

Note: If you are interested to actively join this session and play a behavioural experiment with us, please make sure you will sign in well advance by pre-registration for this innovative session (“ticket” icon in the conference online platform SCOOCS) as the capacity is very limited. We are looking forward to playing together!

There has been a growing societal demand for ecosystem services. The beneficiaries of these services can be viewed at global, regional and local levels while providers are mostly local. High complexity and uncertainty results in imperfect and asymmetric information between transacting parties, accelerates social dilemmas of conflicting uses that tend to result in market and regulation failure. Novel governance arrangements such as hybrid governance have the potential to bridge sectoral policies into the integrative and shifting the motivation of resource users towards sustainability.

This session follows a transdisciplinary approach and aims for a co-production of empirical and theoretical knowledge. By combining the algorithm of a common pool resource game and a role-playing a game develops an interactive agent-based model for repeated interaction and learning in real-world situations. The main objective of the game is to simulate a decision-making arena to test conditions for sustainable management of green areas under diverging interests. The game involves a situation in which a group of developers makes decisions about the use and management of green infrastructure in contrast to grey areas of infrastructure in a city confronted with climate change risks, in particular heatwaves. Players will face the dilemma of individual interests over societal interests and can test what conditions lead to successful collaboration for sustainable management of city green areas to mitigate and adapt to climate change while caring for the well-being of their communities.
The game was developed tested in a lab of experimental social sciences at CETIP between 2017-2018 and adopted for the InnoForESt project ( The game has been modified for virtual space and will be launched for the first time at the 2021 ESG conference.