On-site Programme

Download the on-site programme (last updated 31.08/2021)


Social Programme

Monday 6th (Pre Conference)

Social Excursion to Pečniansky Forest @ 15:00
Since 1992, the Pečniansky Forest has been a protected landscape located on the edge of the Danube river and Austrian border. It is also a Natura 2020 site. This primeval forest survived due to years of isolation. It was also a symbol of national defense against the Nazis. During the Soviet regime, it witnessed political violence when hundreds of people were killed while crossing the border for freedom. More than 30 years have passed since the Iron Curtain fell. Now only its remnants recall Slovakia’s fenced-in, totalitarian past. So that people do not forget that freedom is not a matter of course, replicas of the physical Iron Curtain have arisen on the Slovak-Austrian borders, one of the latest was rebuilt in Pečniansky Forest.

Pečniansky forest is home to diverse flora and fauna, including endemic species living in riparian zones. Aquatic plants are represented by many rare species such as white waterlily, yellow waterlily, and water chestnut. Meadows are home to orchids. The floodplains are covered with willows, alders, oaks, ashes, elms, poplars, and dogwoods. It is also an internationally important area for nesting and incubation of many rare birds such as the white-tailed eagle, little egret, and purple heron.

This excursion will be a guided tour by Prof. Tatiana Kluvánková – the conference chair. The expected duration of the excursion is 1,5 hrs. It is a light walk through the forest, but we do advise good walking shoes. The participants who indicated their interest to participate in the social excursion will be contacted by email with information about the starting point of the excursion.

Day 1

18.15 Welcome reception (Local wine tasting)

The slopes of the Small Carpathians surrounding Bratislava are famous for their vineyards and wine production which offer quality wine. Although Slovak wines are not well-known internationally, they are very popular domestically and in neighbouring countries. Wine-growing was always part of the local culture. A local winemaker will introduce us to the world of excellent local wines. While exploring the tastes of different wines you can enjoy a selection of local cheeses and finger food.

Day 2

19.00 Welcome Dinner at a historical local restaurant

During the welcome dinner you can enjoy dishes of Slovak & international cuisine. The Slovak dishes will be served with a vegetarian twist. The local favourite Slovak soft drink, wines and beers will be served as the Slovaks like it.

The history of the restaurant goes back to the second half of the 18th century to the time of Maria Theresa’s reign. Back then, the opposite bank of the city of Bratislava was formed by numerous small and big islands since the Danube winded its way through multiple arms. Here a significant road – the future Vienna Route connecting Bratislava with Vienna – arose. The vicinity of such an important traffic junction could not lack facilities like a tollhouse, a police station, and an inn. The inn began to bloom, and it even rose in importance when a public park was created in its close proximity (the Garden of Janko Kráľ – the oldest public park in Central Europe) following Maria Theresa’s order to regulate the river bed of the Danube and to modify the river bank. The inn was completely destroyed during a 1918 coup. It was rebuilt in 1996, and gained its current shape by 1998. Because of its pleasant environment and good food it is a very popular place to eat out for locals.

Day 3

20.00 Bratislava by Night Walking Tour

For interested participants a guided night tour of Bratislava can be organized from the city center. Explore Bratislava while it is illuminated during this evening walking tour. Head out on foot to important landmarks including the Bratislava castle and the Old Town. Listen to engaging commentary about the history and culture of the city from your guide. Expected duration 1.5-2 hrs.

Coffee and Lunch Breaks

On-site, there will be two coffee breaks per day. If the weather allows you can enjoy your cup of tea or coffee served with some savory and sweet snacks or seasonal fruit on the terrasse. A warm vegetarian lunch is served daily including soup, main dish and desert.

The Bratislava team members’ favorite pubs & restaurants to hang out:

Breathtaking view, great atmoshere & good local (cheap) wine: Viecha pod hradom, address is Zámocké schody 5

Crafted beer & beer bites: Ventúrska klubovňa
Crafted beer: Meštiansky pivovar
Unique view at the Danube and Bratislava castle & good food: Parlamentka restaurant
For a sweet tooth: Cukráreň Kormuth
Great variety of Slovak wine: Viecha malých vinárov (more locations, at Radlinského 24 street is our favourite)
Good vegetarian selection, closeby Akademik hotel: Cafe Thal
Fancy drinks: Blind pig
Fancy drinks: Antique American Bar