Supporting Organisations

Africa Research & Impact Network

The African Research & Impact Network (ARIN) brings together a network of scholars across Africa who have been undertaking research in various fields including natural resource management, climate change, agriculture, forestry, energy, water and cities to leverage their knowledge and experiences in promoting research excellence and impact pathways. The team includes talented researchers and other experts expected to pursue sustainable development in Africa. ARIN’s core focus is on peer learning and sharing good transformative research and impact practices across Africa. Modelled as a network, ARIN seeks to leverage on the capabilities of African talented scholars in a flexible manner.

International Society for Ecological Economics

The ISEE is a transdisciplinary partnership of scholars, professionals, and activists from a broad range of backgrounds. Through education, research, policy, and social action, we foster transformation towards an equitable and ecologically sustainable society with respect for the rights of people and nature, biological and cultural diversity. At the heart of this, we recognise that our economy is part of a finite biosphere and needs to respect its ecological limits. ISEE is not-for-profit and member-governed.

MIT Press is the sponsor of the Oran Young Prize for Early Career Researchers.