How to get here

By plane

Participants travelling by plane can arrive either directly at Bratislava Airport or travel via Vienna Airport. Bratislava and Vienna are among the closest capital cities in the world (55 km).

There are direct flights to Bratislava Airport, although most flights connect to other European nations. Bratislava airport can be reached from the Bratislava City Center in 20 minutes. To reach the city center you can take the bus no. 61 to the main train station, a taxi (do not forget to ask about the price in advance) or you can use Uber which is commonly cheaper than taxi.

The airport at Vienna-Schwechat is only 40 kilometres west of Bratislava and Slovaks mainly use it for long-haul flights. It is one of the main gateways to Slovakia. Buses to Bratislava depart at 30 to 60-minute intervals. Tickets can be bought on the bus or online in advance: Slovak Lines or Flixbus.

By train

Bratislava connects to the main lines from Prague, Budapest, Vienna and various regions in Slovakia. Bratislava has two railway stations – the Main Station and Petržalka. The Main Station is well connected to the rest of the city via trams, buses or trolleybuses.
Timetables for trains can be found here.

By bus

FlixBus is one of Europe’s leading coach companies with extensive route network of over 400,000 daily connections to over 2,500 destinations in 29 European countries including Slovakia.

How to get around

Public transport

Daily services: buses, trams and trolleybuses from 04.30 to 23.30.

Night services: buses from 23.30 to 04.30, services are marked with letter ‘N’ and the line number.


  • tickets valid for 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  • SMS tickets valid for 40 minutes, 70 minutes or 24 hours

Passengers are obliged to purchase their ticket from either: vending machines at the stops; newspaper stands, kiosks or in the DPB a.s. sales departments before boarding the vehicle. Upon first boarding, the passenger must mark the ticket in the nearest ticket machine. Unmarked tickets are considered invalid.

More info about public transport:

Taxi or Uber

Taxi services in Bratislava are generally cheap and safe. Almost any car can be registered as a taxi and will get a yellow taxi plate on the roof. It is better to negotiate the fare in advance or ask someone to call you a taxi if you can (some drivers automatically charge the higher rate for tourists).

Fun Taxi +421216777
Hello Taxi +421216321
Profi Taxi +421216222
Trend Taxi +421216302

Uber allows you to order a taxi without making a phonecall – you can communicate with drivers via text chat. This is cheaper option, especially for foreigners as you can see the price in advance.

More info about taxi service in Bratislava: