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Early Career Events

Early Career Events

In connection with the 2022 Toronto Conference, the Earth System Governance Project will provide learning opportunities for emerging scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate student volunteers. Read our blog on the event here.

For Early Career scholars, the 2022 Toronto Conference will host opportunities aimed at training, mentoring, and networking through an Early Career Living Library Session and Early Career breakfast ahead of the official start of the Conference.

The Early Career Living Library session, planned to be held on 20th October, is geared toward training emerging scholars on fundamental concepts and theories of earth system governance research, with a focus on interconnected, synergistic themes.

Michelle Betsill will provide an interactive lecture with accompanying tasks for early career scholars. The emerging scholars will then be provided opportunities to find mentors and further their knowledge through a networking session with invited senior experts in the field. Themes will include tenure, publications, work-life balance, funding, the non-academic job-market and engaged scholarship


The Early Career Breakfast, planned for the morning of 21st October, will be geared toward networking, providing an opportunity for emerging scholars to establish their professional networks. The session will also include a practical training component for Early Career Scholars, in which they are asked to present their work through PechaKucha presentations and receive feedback from invited senior scholars.

There is a supplementary cost of 60 Canadian Dollars, which can be added to the preferred Registration ticket upon registering.


2021 opening plenary of #ESG2021

Karen O’Brien at the 2021 Conference for Earth System Governance. The official opening session of the 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance was hosted at the conference venue and streamed live to virtual attendees.

Introduction by the conference chair: Professor Tatiana Kluvánková (SlovakGlobe at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and the Slovak University of Technology, and CETIP – Earth System Governance Research Centre)

Earth System Governance International Project Office

If you have any questions about the 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance, you can reach out to our international project office. We will get back to you regarding your questions within a few working days.


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