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Innovative Session Programme

Browse all of the conference’s innovative sessions below.

Please note that ALL presenters must register before July 1st to guarantee the innovative session’s place in the programme. The following indicates what day each innovative session will be scheduled. This day allocation is released before the main schedule to inform day ticket holders (non-academic stakeholders in sessions) which day to select. The time slots will be available soon but will not affect your ticket choice.

You can find your schedule by searching your panel name, ID, or presenter name below. Please note that each day has a dropdown option so not all panels are immediately visible.

ID number Title Chairs Presenters
560 Deep system change for sustainable development: The 2030PLUS Project Kearney, Norman M. Kearney, Norman M.; Carlsen, Henrik;
829 Play, imagination and unmaking unsustainable systems Vervoort, Joost Vervoort, Joost
805 Transdisciplinarity and the paradox of two ESGs: Co-option, Collision or collaboration? Stanberry, Joanna Balda, Janis; Bidaisee, Satesh; van Loon, Rens; Case, Peter; Egel, Eleftheria; Little, Richard; Gaggiotti, Hugo; von Bülow, Charlotte
219 Ancestral Philosophy of Alli Kawsay, the voice of the Mother Nature in middle of antropoceno Erazo Acosta, Eduardo and Arteaga, Vanessa Arteaga, Vanessa
756 De-Moooo-cracy! A performative experiment with a cow-human citizen’s assembly van Veen, Anne van Helvoirt, Bram; van Helvoirt, Bram
760 Contributing to just transformative change with effective and legitimate transdisciplinary environmental science-policy interfaces? Maas, Timo, Schoolenberg, Machteld, and van den Berg, Arlette Chambers, Josephine; Rocco, Roberto and Diercks, Gijs
770 Locating Gender in Sustainability Governance and Transitions Jayaram, Dhanasree and Kronsell, Annica
775 Transdisciplinary research in living labs for environmental issues: gained experiences and lessons learned Ellen, Gerald Jan and Meijerink, Sander Campodonico, Giulia; Rakhmani, Inaya; Takwin, Bagus; Ploegmakers, Huub; Buijs, Jean-Marie
761 Trying out diverse participatory action research methods – harnessing their power for transformative governance Carton, Linda and Kleinschroth, Fritz McCall, Michael K.; Corbett, Jon; de Pater, Mara; Notermans, Igno; de Wijse-van Heeswijk, Marieke
764 New models for science-policy interfaces – towards transformative biodiversity policy in Europe Korhonen-Kurki, Kaisa and Delbaere, Ben Kentala-Lehtonen, Johanna; Giraldi, Jessika; Dubois, Gregoire
768 The Social Sciences on social transformations towards sustainability in higher education. Müller, Barbara and van Schaik, Saskia Klaperski – van der Wal, Sandra; Toth, Rozalia; Bransen, Jan; Müller, Barbara; van Schaik, Saskia
442 Green on green conflicts in energy transitions: a transdisciplinary roundtable Joshi, Neelakshi and Milchram, Christine, Joshi,Neelakshi, Kleinschroth, Fritz, Milchram, Christine, Savvidou, Georgia Warren, Charles; Freund, Carla; Walter, Viktor; Kny, Josefa; van Gemert, Richard
ID number Title Chairs Presenters
759 Earth Systems Law RPG: Justice applications in the Anthropocene Simonelli, Andrea C. Hurlbert, Margot; Warner, Rosalind; Cadman, Tim
766 Earth Trusteeship Dialogue. Co-creating Eco-Peace. van Willenswaard, Hans and Gunasekera, Neshan Bosselmann, Klaus; Magalhaes, Paulo; Gaillard, Emilie; Ware, Alyn; den Outer, Jessica; Wijdekop, Femke; Mentink, Henry; Vlasto, John; Roerink, Alide; Dorkenoo, Kelly; Persson, Joel; Sai Kham, Sam
767 Demystifying degrowth – Connecting research and practice Alenda-Demoutiez, Juliette and van Teijlingen, Karolien Hendriksen, Paul; Hulst, Natascha; Dengerink, Just; Pape, Sara; Kaufmann, Maria
765 Struggles in connecting theory and practice: a townhall debate on dilemmas in creating societal impact Notermans, Igno de Pater, Mara; Diercks, Gijs
776 Transformations and Tensions in Food System Governance Canfield, Matthew and Duncan, Jessica Canfield, Matthew; Duncan, Jessica; Claeys, Priscilla; van den Berg, Leonardo; Hegger, Els
781 Roundtable on Institutionalising Multispecies and Planetary Justice Schlosberg, David Burke, Anthony; Celermajer, Danielle; Fishel, Stefanie; Muller, Tobias; Inoue, Cristina; Kalfagianni, Agni; Pedersen, Stefan
773 The ties that bind: World Café on youth engagement as a driving force for community-based healing in times of environmental and social shocks Canan Sokullu, Ebru and Boran, Idil Çalım, Aslı; Doğan, Dize; Savran, Ozan; Bektaş, Dilara
782 A Sustainability Manifesto for Higher Education Lauche, Kristina and Calo, Adam Herberg, Jeremias; Debant, Mathéa; Mondovi, Tomasso; Davidson, Marc
786 When people are speaking back. Evening dialogues about collaborative research in transition regions Herberg, Jeremias and Horn, Annemarie Aarts, Noelle; von Schneidemesser, Dirk; Kamlage, Jan-Hendrik; Morán, Azucena; Rossée, Carlina
788 Action-oriented knowledge for making inter- and transdisciplinary integration happen in practice Deutsch, Lisa and Hoffmann, Sabine Deutsch, Lisa; Dettwiler, Donata; Hoffmann, Sabine
789 Future Food Systems: how to accelerate transition to a sustainable food system in the Netherlands Praasterink, Frederike and Hahn, Michelle Praasterink, Frederike
792 European Union’s Regulation on Deforestation-free Supply Chains: Green Protectionism or Paving Way for Global Decarbonization Pathways Bruyninckx, Hans and Cashore, Ben Winkel, Georg; Sotirov, Metodi; Wunder, Sven; McDermott, Constance L.; Tekle, Yitagesu
205 How Can ESG Research Contribute to Transformative Change for Climate & Biodiversity? Bulkeley, Harriet and Turnhout, Esther Betsill, Michele; VanDeveer, Stacy
769 Co-creating novel nature-based governance : a coevolutionary perspective Kluvankova, Tatiana and Hiedanpää, Juha Hardy, Claire; Janssen, Marco; Pihlajamäki, Mia; Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten; Spacek, Martin; Shelvytska, Olena
758 Exploring “Planetary Health” in the Context of Earth System Governance Bowen, Kathryn and Workman, Annabelle Ebikeme, Charles; Friel, Sharon; Warner, Rosalind; Boateng, Godfred; San Martim Portes, Alexandre; Carlin, Scott
ID number Title Chairs Presenters
778 Pathway Mural: Designing sustainability experiments DiBella, Jose DiBella, Jose; Burch, Sarah
780 DEEP TIME WALK: FROM THEIA TO THE ANTHROPOCENE Karssenberg, Maria Elisabeth Hissink Muller, Emma; Hamer, Dennis; van Meurs, Boris; Karssenberg, Maria Elisabeth
774 Protecting global peatlands: phasing out the use of peat in growing media and as soil improver. Smeulders, Marjan and Gramlich, Philipp Fritz, Christian; Gramlich, Philipp; Moll, Folkert
784 Innovative partnership approaches in international climate cooperation: building bridges between global imperatives and national needs? Bauer, Steffen and Feist, Marian Mbeva, Kennedy Liti; Malerba, Daniele; Chevallier, Romy
794 Shared Walks for Climate Change Mert, Aysem and Ertürk, Eylem Hanush, Frederic; Tschersich, Julia
804 Building collective capability for sustainable transformative change – Roundtable on practical experiences with a transdisciplinary learning approach to sustainability transitions in neighborhoods and communities Jansen, Erik Van Landsbergen, Karin; Visser, Gideon; Dortmans, Koen; Coen, Maurice; Hoogenbosch, Patrick; Kemper, Wendy
796 The opportunities and pitfalls of value-oriented transformative governance for biodiversity Nel, Jeanne Lindsay Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, Sylvia; van Dam, Rosalie; Alpizar, Francisco; Korhonen-Kurki, Kaisa
802 Engaging with ESG publications: Research dissemination and community building Gupta, Aarti Mason, Michael; Biermann, Frank; Kim, Rakhyun; Zelli, Fariborz; Jayaram, Dhanasree; VanDeveer, Stacy; Kashwan, Prakash; Hoffmann, Matthew; Bernstein, Steven; Senit, Carole-Anne; Gupta, Joyeeta; Gupta, Aarti
803 Bridging Earth System Science and Earth System Governance Kim, Rakhyun E. and Galbraith, Eric Biermann, Frank; Persson, Åsa; Kotzé, Louis; Lenton, Timothy, Peter Verburg
806 Scholar Activism within ESG: Exchanging lessons from three initiatives Gupta, Aarti and Tienhaara, Kyla van Asselt, Harro; Newell, Peter; Biermann, Frank; Stephens, Jennie; Tienhaara, Kyla
808 Knowledge Brokering for Impact in Marine Governance Harrould-Kolieb, Ellycia Jaeckel, Aline; van Doorn, Erik; Turley, Carol; Payne, Cymie; Martin, Jen
810 The South-South Initiative and science-society interactions. An open conversation (Part 2) Aoki Inoue, Cristina Yumie Viola, Eduardo; Okereke, Chuks; Triyanti, Anissa; Jayaram, Dhanasree
763 Crime and environmental justice in Latin America Le Clercq, Juan Antonio Tufro, Manuel; Cedillo, Celeste; Vazquez, Omar; Romero, Laura; Berrios, Antonia; Niño, Catalina; Landa, Pedro

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2022 opening plenary of #ESG2022

The official opening session of the 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance was hosted at the conference venue and streamed live to virtual attendees.

This conference was opened by the Conference Chairs, and the Oran R. Young Prize for best early career paper was presented.

The keynote presentation was by Tzeporah Berman: “Oil Politics in a World on Fire”

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