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Visa and Funding Information


Whether or not a visa is required for travelling to the Netherlands, depends on your country of origin. You can find out whether a visa is needed for your specific situation by filling in the Schengen VISA Advisor. To find out about the costs related to obtaining a visa, you can have a look at the Consular Fees webpage.  

As no upfront guarantees about the processing times for visas can be given, we strongly encourage you to apply for one as soon as you have received the confirmation that your submission has been accepted. Average waiting times range from 15 to 60 working days, depending on the country of origin and whether any extra documents are required. Please review the process for your personal situation.  From experience, we suggest applying for a visa with more leeway time than the average waiting time listed by the Embassies, as delays have occurred in the past.  

We can supply you with a Letter of Invitation for the conference that is in some instances needed for the visa application. You can reach out to to request a personalized Letter of Invitation.  


We acknowledge that international conferences carry significant costs for scholars. If you have an accepted abstract or innovative session proposal and are based in a lower-income country, you may be eligible for funding. If you would like to share your interest in funding opportunities to attend the conference and South-South Dialogues or Early Career events, you can fill in this survey.

Please note: This form does not provide access to funding. Depending on the number of applicants and fixed criteria, we will contact scholars with an accepted abstract from the review process after the notification of acceptance on April 10th 2023.
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