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14-18th October 2024


Primarily a virtual event featuring a series of events co-organized by various segments of the ESG network  and few plenary sessions organized by co-hosts and the ESG Project’s team. Hybrid events are also possible based on the resources of event organizers.

The daily schedule will consist of five timeslots, each spanning 90 minutes. Each timeslot may include 

      • Panels – organized by ESG Taskforces (TF), Working Groups (WG), Research Centres (RC), Early Career (ECR) or South-South (SSD) Committees.
      • Meetings – organized by ESG Taskforces (TF), Working Groups (WG), Research Centres (RC), Early Career (ECR) or South-South (SSD) Committees. 
      • Roundtables/Innovative Formatsorganized by ESG Taskforces (TF), Working Groups (WG), Research Centres (RC), Early Career (ECR) or South-South (SSD) Committees.
      • Co-hosts Plenary Sessions – organized by Forum Co-Hosts (more information on co-hosting the 2024 ESG Forum here)
      • ESG Plenary Sessions organized by the ESG Project’s Scientific Steering Committee and the International Project Office



Every Taskforce or Working Group (TF/WG), the South-South and Early Career Committees, as well as every Research Centre (RC) will be allowed to submit up to 2 proposals. (Please see Provisional Event Schedule below)

It is recommended that a maximum of two events be organized by TF/WG at least one of which must be open to the ESG community. Diversity, inclusion, and wide regional/thematic representation are strongly encouraged. The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) will make a decision on the inclusion of events based on the proposals received, ensuring comprehensive representation of TFs, Working Groups (WGs), and other ESG entities.

We welcome event organizers this year to suggest outputs to their activities as part of the forum. With this, the forum is designed to have an impact also beyond the event itself.

Deadline for Submission

15th April 2024

Practical information

It is expected that the overarching coordination responsibilities, including scheduling, communications related to the ESG Forum, and the creation of Zoom links incorporated into the Forum schedule, will be overseen by the ESG Project Scientific Steering Committee and the International Project Office.

However, due to the smaller capacity of the International Project Office in 2024, we also envision a scenario where event hosts will need to provide Zoom links for their events. Decision on which option will be made in the next coming months. Event organizers would be expected to  assume responsibility for assembling their panels (including any related calls for papers) and/or organizing their events, as well as communicating well with relevant participants through their networks and social media.

Registration for the forum will be free. As stated, hosts of sessions are encouraged to open at least one of  their two proposed sessions to a wide audience.

Event Schedule:

Click on the image to download the provisional schedule. 

Each ESG entity (Taskforce, Working Group, Research Centre, South-South, and Early Career Committee) has been assigned two 90-minute timeslots considering various time zones. If you prefer an alternative time for your session(s) other than the one assigned, please don’t hesitate to propose a different time slot when submitting your proposal(s).

2024 ESG Forum Committee

If you have any questions about the 2024 Earth System Governance Forum, you can reach out to the organising committee. We will get back to you regarding your questions within a few working days.


Utrecht University
Faculty of Geosciences
Princetonlaan 8a
3584 CB Utrecht, The Netherlands