Conference Papers


Rickard Andersson Socio-ecological systems don´t exist: Toward a critique of the ontological foundations of Earth System Science → pdf
Karen Anderton The Future of Sub-national Climate Change Governance: First Mover Advantage or End of the Road? → pdf
Graeme Auld and Lars H. Gulbrandsen To inform or empower? Transparency in non-state certification of forestry and fisheries → pdf


Walter Baber, Robert Bartlett Deliberative Jurisprudence and Transnational Common Law as a Strategy for Earth System Governance → pdf
Robert Bailis Constructing sustainable biofuels: governance of the emerging biofuel economy → pdf
Jelle Behagel, Esther Turnhout, Bas Arts Claiming Democracy: Participatory and Deliberative Norms within EU governance. → pdf
Gudrun Benecke Networking for Climate Change Agency in the Context of Renewable Energy Governance in India → pdf
Marta Berbés-Blázquez Adaptive governance: Navigating shock and surprise in resource-dependent communities → pdf
Steven Bernstein Legitimacy in Intergovernmental and Non-state Global Governance → pdf
Giovanni Bettini, Anna Kaijser, Anne Jerneck Multidimensional Mobility - Politics of Place and People Merging Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Environmental Migration → pdf
Katja Biedenkopf Facilitators or Obstructors of Policy Diffusion? → pdf
Frank Biermann, Philipp Pattberg, Harro van Asselt, and Fariborz Zelli The Fragmentation of Global Governance Architectures: A Framework for Analysis → pdf
Robbert Biesbroek, Katrien Termeer, Pavel Kabat, Judith Klostermann Institutional governance barriers for the development and implementation of climate adaptation strategies → pdf
Dallas Blaney "Fighting for crumbs under the table": How The Nature Conservancy attains agency and relevance within the disorder of earth systems governance → pdf
Nancy van der Bol, Jurian Edelenbos, Geert Teisman Managing earth system complexity: on the edge of project, line and program management → pdf
Severine van Bommel, Anne Jensen, Wiebren Kuindersma, Anders Pedersen New politics for planning - introducing climate policy in Dutch and Danish planning cultures → pdf
Alexandra Börner Business Interest in Swiss Climate Policy → pdf
Sofie Bouteligier Conceptualizing global environmental consultancy firms as actors in global environmental governance → pdf
Karoline Van den Brande Subnational agents in global governance for sustainable development? Exploring routes for Flanders to the UN CSD → pdf
Robin Bronen Forced Migration of Alaskan Indignous Communities Due to Climate Change: Creating a Human Rights Response → pdf
S. Brouwer, D. Huitema, F. Biermann Towards Adaptive Management: The Strategies of Policy Entrepreneurs to Direct Policy Change → pdf


Antony Cheng, Toddi Steelman, Cassandra Moseley Examining changes in public resource governance in the United States through three analytical lenses → pdf


Kathrin Dombrowski Filling the gap? An analysis of NGO responses to participation and representation deficits in global climate governance. → pdf
John Dryzek Democracy and Earth System Governance → pdf
Göran Duus-Otterström, Sverker Jagers Fair Adaptation? Insurance as Adaptation Strategy → pdf


Peter Edwards Trust as a key element in the exercise of agency and authority → pdf
Timothy Ehresman Environmental Governance and International Environmental Justice: The Case of the International Finance Corporation → pdf
Kirk Emerson, Andrea Gerlak, Olivier Barreteau, Marilyn Brink, Neda Farahbakhshazad, Greg Morrison, Panomsak Promburon A Framework to Assess Collaborative Governance: A New Look at Four Water Resource Management Cases → pdf
Maria Engler-Palma Allocation of fishing opportunities in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations: from power to law? Extended abstract → pdf
Miguel Esteban, Per Stromberg Implication of climate change increased intensity typhoons on land use strategy: case of biofuels in the Philippines → pdf
Thijs F.M. Etty Governance of GMO and non-GMO Coexistence: Filling the Gap in the EU regulatory Regime on Agricultural Biotechnology → pdf


Maria Falaleeva, Cathal O'Mahony, Stefan Gray, Margaret Desmond, Jeremy Gault, and Valerie Cummins The Role of ICZM in Informing the Development of Climate Adaptation Policy in Ireland → pdf
Niki Frantzeskaki, Wil Thissen Institutional architectures for social-ecological systems governance towards sustainability → pdf


Victor Galaz, Beatrice Crona, Måns Nilsson, Per Olsson, Henrik Österblom, Gunilla Rieschl, Carl Folke Governing a Planet under Pressure - Exploring Governance Dimensions of Planetary Boundaries → pdf
Geoffrey Garver The ecor: An international exchange unit for fair allocation of ecological capacity → pdf
Glwadys Gbetibouo Mapping South African Farming Sector Vulnerability to Climate Change and Variability: A Subnational Assessment → pdf
Anna Gero, Kirstie Meheux, Dale Dominey-Howes How local communities and global development agencies reduce vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change: Examples from the Pacific → pdf
Christiane Gerstetter The WTO Judicial Decision-Makers: How Do They Deal with Multilateral Environmental Agreements? → pdf
Pieter Glasbergen Meta-governance as a challenge An analysis of global private governance for sustainable development → pdf
Tendayi Gondo Urban land and Informality: An evaluation of institutional response options to land Informalization in Ethiopian cities. → pdf
Tendayi Gondo Adaptive co-management of natural resources: A solution or part of the problem? → pdf
Torsten Grothmann, Marco Pütz Reflexive regional governance - a framework for enhancing adaptiveness of environmental governance → pdf
Aarti Gupta Transparency as Contested Political Terrain: Who knows what about the Global GMO trade and Why does it Matter? → pdf


Peter Haas, Steinar Andresen, Norichika Kanie Actors and International Environmental Governance: Best and Worst Practices for Improving International Climate Change Governance → pdf
Bernd Hackmann Fragmentation of Global Environmental Maritime Policies - case of GHG emission reduction in the international shippping sector. → pdf
Sander Happaerts Comparing subnational governance systems for sustainable development: degrees of autonomy and challenges to vertical policy integration → pdf
Constanze Haug, Dave Huitema Leaning Through Games? Evaluating the Learning Effect of a Policy Exercise on European Climate Policy → pdf
Tanya Hayes Decentralized Forest Management in Latin America: Looking for Institutional Fit → pdf
Tom Herbstein, Moliehi Shale, Suzall Timm, Hinwah Li Governance and Agency in Poor Communities: A Lo'Glo'cal Approach → pdf
Kenneth Hermele, Lennart Olsson, Anne Jerneck Justice and fairness in resource governance: Conflicting views on allocation and access → pdf
Christian Hirschi Has the Climate Actually Changed? A Structural Analysis of International Climate Politics 2001-2009 → pdf
Matthew Hoffmann Experimenting with Climate Governance → pdf
Patricia Howard Human Adaptation to Biodiversity Change: Facing the Challenges of Global Governance without Science? → pdf
Margot Hurlbert, Harry Diaz Governance Institutions and Community Vulnerabilities to Climate-Induced Water Stress - Case studies in Canada and Chile → pdf


Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Boniface Kiteme, and Maurice Opondo adapting Public Agricultural Extension Services to Climate Change: Insights from Kenya → pdf
Masahiko Iguchi The Agency within the States: the Automobile Industries in Japan, the Europe, and the U.S. over the Architecture of the Post-2012 Institutional Framework. → pdf
Philip Ireland, Frank Thomalla The Role of Collective Action in Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change → pdf
Mine Islar, Vasna Ramasar Security to All: Allocating the Waters of Euphrates and Tigris → pdf


Noor Johnson Inuit Traditional Knowledge and the Politics of Adaptation: Broadening Conceptions of Agency in Climate Change Governance → pdf


Anna Kalbhenn A River Runs Through It Democracy, International Interlinkages and Cooperation over Shared Resources → pdf
Jennifer Kent Individual responsibility and voluntary action on climate change → pdf
Johanna Kentala-Lehtonen The Role of Business in Global Environmental Governance: Case Study of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development → pdf
Dingwerth Klaus, Eichinger Margot Tamed Transparency: How Information Disclosure Under the Global Reporting Initiative Fails to Empower → pdf
Judith Klostermann, Joyeeta Gupta, Katrien Termeer, Sander Meijerink, Margo van den Brink, Sibout Nooteboom, Pieter Jong, Emmy Bergsma, Robbert Biesbroek How to assess the adaptive capacity of legislation and policies → pdf
Mara Kimmel Revisiting Governance in a Changing Arctic Environment: An Alaskan Case Study → pdf
Martin Köppel Explaining the Effectiveness of Binding and Nonbinding Agreements. Tentative Lessons from Transboundary Water Pollution → pdf
Kristian Krieger Rational adaptation to increasing flood risk? Institutional drivers of and barriers to risk-based flood management in Germany and Britain → pdf
Sylvia Kruse Moving towards adaptive governance in flood management? Catalytic impulses and change of governance structures in the aftermath of extreme events → pdf


Justin Lancaster AIM3: Automating Research on Governance of Global Energy Resources → pdf
Alice Lee, Shunji Matsuoka Effectiveness of International Environmental Institutions: How to Build an Analytical Framework? → pdf
Markus Lederer Who's afraid of REDD? Some lessons learned from the CDM → pdf
Mairon G. Bastos Lima, Joyeeta Gupta Biofuels and Global Change: The Need for a Multilateral Governance Framework → pdf
Eva Lövbrand, Johannes Stripple Governing the Climate from Space: Measuring, Reporting and Verification as Ordering Practice → pdf


Dimitra Manou Agency Exercised by the Private Sector: Environmental Issues in Investment Projects → pdf
Bradley May, Ryan Plummer The Possibility of Uniting Risk Management and Adaptive Co-Management - Envisioning Adaptive Collaborative Risk Management (ACRM) for Climate Change → pdf
Ian McGregor Major Changes urgently needed to Global Climate Change Public Policy → pdf
Cordula Mertens Agency of NGOs in the implementation of Natura 2000 in Hungary → pdf
Chris Methmann 'Depth drilling' in global governance: A discourse theoretical approach to the mainstreaming of climate protection → pdf
Per Mickwitz, Silke Beck, Anne Jensen, Anders Branth Pedersen, Francisco Aix, David Carss, Nils Ferrand, Christoph Görg, Paula Kivimaa1, Christian Kuhlicke, Wiebren Kuindersma, María Máñez, Matti Melanen, Suvi Monni, Hugo Reinert and Séverine van Bommel Climate Policy Integration as a Necessity for an Efficient Climate Policy → pdf
Asami Miyazaki Interplay between Structure and Institution: Transnational Networks for Environmental Governance in East Asia → pdf
Felipe Murtinho Watershed Management and Adaptation to Environmental Change: A Case Study of Water User Associations in the Colombian Andes → pdf


Maryam Nastar, Melissa Hansen Water legislation - what values, which ways? Institutional path dependency and transition management in integrated water resource management in South Africa → pdf
Barry Ness, Sara Brogaard, Stefan Anderberg, Lennart Olsson The African Land-Grab: Creating Equitable Governance Strategies through Codes-of-Conduct and Certification Schemes → pdf



Saskia van Pelt, Rob Swart Climate change risk management in transnational river basins: the Rhine → pdf
Miriam Prys Rule and Norm Transfer in the Global Environmental Architecture: From the EU to the Rest of the World? → pdf



Tim Rayner, Andrew Jordan Adaptation to Climate Change: An Emerging EU Policy → pdf
Hendrikje Reich, Sebastian Wienges Germany's International Climate Initiative - A Bilateral Fund as Innovative Financing Mechanism → pdf
Kristin Rosendal Integrated Climate Governance: Accountability and Effectiveness. → pdf


Siddharth Sareen System Governance and Public Spaces in Chennai: Stakeholders in Urban Planning towards Equity and Inclusiveness → pdf
Nienke van Schie, Mike Duijn, Jurian Edelenbos Covaluation: exploring methods for expert and stakeholder valuation in integral earth system governance → pdf
Holger Schlör, W.Fischer, J.-F.Hake Is the German Energy System Sustainable? An Analysis Basised on the UNCSD Theme-based Sustain-ability Approach → pdf
Peter Scholten, Jurian Edelenbos, Wouter de Groot, Sander Meijerink, Geert Teisman Daring Decision-Making: a balance between Transactional and Transformational Leadership → pdf
Greetje Schouten, Pieter Glasbergen Creating Legitimacy in Global Private Governance The Case of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil → pdf
Heike Schröder, Heather Lovell The Role of Side Events in the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations → pdf
Miriam Schröder Challenging the 'public versus private' dichotomy of environmental governance - lessons learned from the Chinese handling of the international clean development mechanism (CDM) → pdf
Jacqueline de Schutter, Manuel Riemer Participatory Decision-Making Models in the Context of Environmental Justice: Are They Working? → pdf
Joel Scriven REDDy? Agency in Protected Area Governance along Peru´s Amazonian Frontier → pdf
Rashmi Shrestha, Rhodante Ahlers, Marloes Bakker, Joyeeta Gupta Institutional dysfunction and challenges in flood control along the transboundary Kosi River: A Case study of the Kosi Flood 2008 → pdf
Tora Skodvin, Steinar Andresen Domestic constraints on leadership performance in international climate negotiations → pdf
Jon Birger Skjærseth SEU Emissions Trading: Legitimacy and Stringency → pdf
Francesca Spagnuolo Diversity and Pluralism in System Governance: What role for global administrative law ? → pdf
Hayley Stevenson The challenge of securing sustainability and equity in earth system governance → pdf
Peter Stoett Scaled Linkage in Policy Co-ordination: Catching Invasive Alien Species in a Global Governance Web → pdf
Kacper Szulecki, Philipp Pattberg, Frank Biermann Explaining Variation in the Performance of Energy Partnerships → pdf


Peter Taylor, Antony Cheng Reflexive Resource Governance as Embedded Process: A Comparison of Two North American and Central American Community-Based Forestry Organizations → pdf
Jason Thistlethwaite Counting the Environment: The Environmental Implications of International Accounting Standards → pdf


Ola Uhrqvist, Eva Lövbrand Seeing and Knowing the Earth as a System - Tracing the History of the Earth System Science Partnership → pdf


Marcela Velasco Contested territoriality: Ethnic Challenges to Colombia´s Territorial Regimes → pdf
John Vogler, Hannes Stephan The Embededness of Earth System Governance in the International Political System: Towards a Geopolitics of Climate Change → pdf


Stefan Werland What is the ´Problem´ of Global Forest Governance? → pdf
Saskia Werners, Kaj van de Sandt, Fons Jaspers Mainstreaming climate adaptation into water management in the Netherlands: The governance of the Dutch Delta Program → pdf
Oscar Widerberg, Frank van Laerhoven The influence of bureaucracies on international environmental governance: the Division on Sustainable Development → pdf
Maik Winges, Bernd Siebenhüner, Kevin Grecksch Resilience and Social Learning → pdf
Simon Wolf Financing the global climate agenda: Lessons learned or history repeating itself? → pdf




Mahdi Zarghami Effective Water Governance by Using Group Decision Support Systems; Case Study of Lake Urmia, Iran → pdf
Rafael Ziegler, Lena Partzsch The Political Biography of Water and the People´s Biography - A Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship in the Water Sector → pdf
Gina Ziervogel, Warren Smit Learning to swim: Strengthening flooding governance in the City of Cape Town → pdf