Travel & Accommodation

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in a retreat centre in the middle of the green ´polder´ landscape of North Holland, close to Amsterdam, and close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site ´Beemster Polder´. The venue is about 25-30 minutes by bus from Amsterdam Central Station, and 45-60 minutes from Schiphol Airport. The venue is nearby picturesque old harbour towns and fishing villages, such as Volendam and Marken.

More information on the conference venue will be made available soon.


Hotel Volendam
Wagenweg 1
1145 PW Katwoude
The Netherlands
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Public Transport and Conference Transport

Text in Italics give the Dutch translation or additional information.

Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station

Schiphol - Amsterdam Centraal / Amsterdam C.S.

- Follow signs Trains / Train tickets / Meeting point.
- Buy a train ticket to Amsterdam Central station (Amsterdam Centraal) in the hall with the red and white coloured meeting point, either at the yellow ticket-vending machines (ATM cards and credit cards accepted) or at the ticket counter of the Dutch railways ('NS').
- - We advise to also buy a 'strippenkaart' for the bus from Amsterdam Central Station to the Conference Venue at the 'AKO bookstore' located next to the ticket counter.
- Trains leave roughly every 9 minutes, from platforms 1 and 2 between 6:00 hrs. and midnight. Between midnight and 6:00 hrs. they run every half hour.

Amsterdam Central Station to Conference Venue

Amsterdam Centraal / Amsterdam C.S. - Hotel Volendam (address: Wagenweg 1, Katwoude)

Leave Amsterdam Central Stattion at the city side, exit east (uitgang oost), see map below. Walk east towards Oosterdokskade. Unfortunately, the station and area around it are under reconstruction, making finding the bus stop a bit tedious. This is why student volunteers will be at the station to assist you on 1 December from 9.00 hrs until 18.00 hrs. and in the morning of 2 December (from 8.30 hrs. until noon).

From the bus stop near Amsterdam Central Station the following bus lines, run by Arriva, have a stop at Hotel Volendam: 112, 116, 118 (all destination 'Edam') and bus 110 (destination 'Volendam'). Bus 114 (destination 'Hoorn') stops at stop De Zedde, a 3-minute walk to the hotel. Busses run from 5:39 a.m. until 1:03 a.m., leaving every 10 -15 minutes. Trip duration is about 30 minutes.

Ask the bus driver to notify you when the bus arrives at your destination, 'Hotel Volendam'.

The bus fare is 7 strips ('strippen'), which is about 3.50 euro. Show the bus driver your 'strippenkaart', and s/he will stamp it. If you do not have a 'strippenkaart' you can buy a 'Waterland ticket' with the chauffeur for 7 euro (the Waterland ticket gives you free travel for one day within the area Waterland).

For your information: The 'strippenkaart' is currently being replaced by the OV chip card. In the transition period both payment options can be used in busses and trams. The one exception being the Amsterdam metro, which can only be used with an OV chip card. For more information on the OV chip card, please visit:, choose UK in the top of the page for English.

Amsterdam CS

Map of Amsterdam Central Station

Katwoude Bus Stops

Bus stops 'De Zedde' and 'Hotel Volendam'

Conference shuttle service to the surrounding overflow hotels

For the hotels Spaander, Old Dutch and Marina Park we run a shuttle service.

On 1 December, there is a shuttle service towards the Conference Venue, where the reception will be held. Pick up for Hotel Old Dutch and Hotel Spaander guests is at the parking of Hotel Spaander at 17.00 hrs and 17.40 hrs The pick up for Marina Park Hotel guests is 17.15 hrs and 17.55 hrs at the bus stop Pr. Margrietstraat (see map below). The return shuttle service from Hotel Volendam to the Hotels Marina Park, Spaander and Old Dutch runs at 22.00 hrs and 22.40 hrs.

On 1 December, door-to-door transport will be available during the day for guests picking up their vouchers for their stay at the overflow hotels, Hotel Spaander, Hotel Old Dutch and Hotel Marina Park.

On 2, 3 and 4 December there is a shuttle service towards the Conference Venue. Pick up for Hotel Old Dutch and Hotel Spaander guests is at the parking of Hotel Spaander at 8.00 hrs and 8.30 hrs. Return shuttle service on 2 and 3 December towards the overflow hotels runs at 22.00 hrs and 22.40 hrs. On 4 December there is a shuttle service from Hotel Volendam towards the dinner location Hotel Spaander, running at 19.05 hrs and 19.30 hrs. Return shuttle service is available to Hotel Marinapark and Hotel Volendam, timing to be determined.

Guests staying at the overflow hotels will receive a detailed overview for the shuttle service when picking up their hotel voucher in Hotel Volendam.

→ Timetable Shuttle Service (pdf).

Public transport to Volendam and overflow hotels

Busses 110 and 116 stop at the bus stop 'Hotel Volendam' and go from there into Volendam. For Hotel Marina Park (address: Pieterman 1), you need to get off at the stop Prinses Margrietstraat. For Hotel Spaander and Old Dutch you need to get off at stop Julianaweg or Zeestraat in Volendam Center, depending on the bus line (line 110 stops at Zeestraat, line 116 stops at Julianaweg). From the stops it is a 5 minutes walk to Hotel Spaander (address: Haven 15-19) and Old Dutch (address: Haven 142). Despite the numbering Spaander and Old Dutch 150 meters away from each other. The bus fare is 1 euro when buying a ticket from the chauffeur. You can also use your 'strippenkaart': two strippen, which equals 0,97 euro. Two 'strippen' and the 1 euro ticket are valid for one hour of travel within Volendam.

Marina Bus Stops

Map bus stop Prinses Margrietstraat (across from Hotel Marina Park)

Volendam Bus Stops

Map, bus stops Julianaweg and Zeestraat

Taxi transport

Taxi transport is expensive in the Netherlands. Taxis are available, if needed, at the airport and all train stations. In case you need a taxi in Volendam we recommend RSR Taxi and Touringcar Services, Tel. +31 (0)299 - 40 18 24, or ask at the hotel reception desk.


Because of the very high interest in our conference, the conference hotel itself is by now fully booked. However, our selected partner hotels in the region still have rooms available. Participants can book rooms in these partner hotels through our services at normal commercial rates.

Hotel reservations can be made through the following email address: roomreservations [at] In your mail, indicate:

- Name(s)
- Dates of arrival and departure
- Single room or double room

You will receive a reply which states for which hotel the reservation has been made and for which price. If you do not receive a confirmation within 8 days, you can contact us at and we will check the reservation for you.

Transportation between the surrounding hotels and the conference venue will be provided each morning and evening, and we will provide detailed information on the logistics to all participants soon.

For hotel bookings in other places in the Netherlands (including for participants who might want to spend the weekend in Amsterdam), you can arrange for individual bookings at, or other links to international hotel chains. We provide for transportation to the conference venue only for participants who stay in our partner hotels in the region.