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Conference Excursion: Living with Water – Exploring Dutch Polders, Dikes, and Canals

Long ago, the Dutch were stupid enough to start living in the middle of the North sea. Ever since we have to deal with this. But we succeeded!! (so far).  However, living in the Delta with a substantial number of people is still a challenge. Both infrastructural and technological measures are required to allow the Dutch to continue  living in the low lands. In this excursion we will touch upon these. We plan to get around by bus and familiarize you with the way the Dutch have tried to use the abundance of water to keep the enemies out (unsuccessfully), how flood risks are reduced by creating retention areas which are combined with initiatives concerning the  renaturation of river bed and how sewage water is used nowadays in the circular economy. We plan to conclude our trip by tasting some nice beers in one of the old fortresses of the Dutch water defense line.

When: Sunday, November 4th from 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM.

Estimated costs: 40 – 60 euros, including lunch