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Seminar ‘World politics in emergency Mode’

Event start: 20100315
End date: 20100315

Event description

Seminar with Professor Frank Biermann on the global governance implications of drastic climate change.

The current stalemate in international climate negotiations gave rise to an increasingly alarmist discourse about the need to prepare for a global warming that exceeds 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Frank Biermann addresses this challenge of adapting to possibly drastic climate change from the perspective of international relations and global governance. He first assesses adaptive governance capacities in six domains of world politics with a view to potential drastic climate change. He then identifies three dilemmas of global adaptation governance that complicate international political responses to drastic climate change, namely adaptability versus stability, effectiveness versus legitimacy, and effectiveness versus fairness. Third, he outlines several institutional mechanisms and instruments that could assist in resolving these three dilemmas of global adaptation governance.

More information available at the website of the Stockholm Resilience Centre

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