Related Research

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Study on the barriers and opportunities for promoting climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in sub-Saharan Africa including scoping studies through the work of national consultants and assessed practices and policies in 15 Eastern and Southern African countries commissioned by the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) and a comparative assessment and synthesis of the findings conducted by the Earth System Governance Foundation.

  • INOGOV - Innovations in Climate Governance

    INOGOV is an international network of excellence dedicated to understanding policy and governance innovation for climate change. With 27 countries currently signed, it draws together scholars and practitioners who focus on particular aspects of climate change policy and governance innovation, namely their: ‘sources’; ‘diffusion’; and ‘effects’.

  • Novel Multi-sector Networks and Entrepreneurship (NMNE)

    The Novel Multi-sector Networks and Entrepreneurship (NMNE) project theorizes small businesses as agents of change in the multi-level governance of climate change, and cities as niche spaces in which sustainable development paths might be explored.

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