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2013 Tokyo Conference – Call for Applications to the Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

at the

Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference:

Complex Architectures, Multiple Agents


The purpose of the writing workshop is to bring together scholars of different backgrounds to collaborate on pre-determined themes with the intention of laying the foundation for a writing project. Writing projects may include books, journal articles and/or reviews of current projects. Participants can expect to find other researchers with whom they can collaborate on ongoing writing projects.

The writing session will provide a unique opportunity to not only network with other researchers who are focusing on similar topic areas but to also begin to lay the foundation and outline of a writing project.

The International Research Office of the Earth System Governance Project at the UNU-IAS will act as the long-term contact point for ongoing collaborative writing projects and networks in which participants can continue to stay connected and access information following the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference.

Writing Workshop Information:

The writing session will be held during an afternoon session of the first day of the conference. The exact time is to be determined. Interested participants can submit their writing project idea or indicate which of the suggested theme is of interest.

Submissions of a writing project or indication of interested theme can be emailed to

Suggested Themes:

Conference Themes:

1. Earth System Governance Architectures in the 21st Century
2. Climate and Energy Governance Architectures
3. The Nexus between Architecture and the other “A’s” in Earth System Governance
4. Political Dynamics in the Interface of Agency and Architecture
5. Methodological Challenges to Complex Architectures and Multiple Agents
6. Special Conference Stream on Nuclear Safety and Post-disaster Governance

Additional Theme:

1. Post-Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) / Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

a. Assessment of the current status of the MDGs.
b. Analysis of the direction and contents of post-MDGs/SDGs.
c. An examination of global governance structures for attaining future goals.

* It is possible to submit an individual or group writing theme to be considered for selection.

Writing theme selection will be based on other applicant’s similar topic interests. For additional information on the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference, please see or e-mail us here:

We look forward to welcoming you to the first Earth System Governance conference in Asia!

On behalf of all organizers, sponsors, and co-hosts,

Norichika Kanie
Chair, 2013 Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference

Erin Kennedy
Conference Manager, 2013 Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference

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