Published on Aug 20, 2021

The Organizing team is counting down the days until we can host the 2021 Bratislava Conference: Earth System Governance in Turbulent Times, Prospects for Political and Behavioural Responses. The final Book of Abstracts is complete and the Conference Programme (Virtual and On-site) is now available for viewing, with scheduled timeslots for all panels and presenting authors. All-in-all, the 2021 Bratislava Conference will host 3 plenary sessions, 6 Semi-Plenary sessions, 10 Innovative sessions, 86 Parallel Panels with over 350 different papers, and 10 sessions at the Taskforce & Meeting Day.

The 2021 Bratislava Conference will provide space for discussions and debate on all facets of earth system governance at this turbulent and crucial moment in time.

It is possible to attend the conference in person in Bratislava as well as virtually. If you have not yet considered making the trip to Slovakia this Septmber, take a moment to explore the social and networking programme on offer. It is an overdue opportunity for us to meet members of the network after a long break.

Technical Information for Conveners and Speakers
We are hosting information sessions for conveners and speakers who wish to familarise themselves with the conference platform in advance of hosting virtual sessions at the conference. You can read the guidelines on the conference website here.