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Bath University’s Centre for Development Studies established as a new  Research Centre of the Earth System Governance Project

The Centre for Development Studies (CDS) and the Department of Social and Policy Sciences at Bath University will act as a new research centre for the Earth System Governance Project. The ESG Project strongly relies on a broad network that reflects the interdisciplinary, international, and multi-scale challenge of global environmental governance. The centres are research hubs that support the implementation of specific parts of the 2018 Science and Implementation Plan and act as focal points for earth system governance research in their geographical and thematic area.

Through this new partnership, Bath is looking to expand opportunities for collaboration with other researchers, expansion of interdepartmental studies into sustainable development, international collaboration and the opportunity to host high-profile events such as international conferences. The partnership also holds exciting possibilities for various knowledge exchange activities, such as guest lectures, scholar and student visits, and joint courses, that will strengthen research and education on sustainability and climate change.

The University is excited to further strengthen its ties with ESG and has the ambition that Bath, and in particular CDS, establishes itself as a hub for research on the Sustainable Development Goals. This strongly aligns with the University of Bath’s research priorities on climate action, particularly the Climate Action Framework.

Michael Bloomfield, Director of the Centre for Development Studies, who led the MoU proposal, said:

This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Bath and Earth System Governance, and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

Yixian Sun, who will help coordinate the partnership, adds:

The establishment of an Earth System Governance centre at Bath is a critical step as we continue to build the global reputation of our University in the area of sustainability governance.

View the research centre profile here.

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