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Call for abstracts for INOGOV workshop & Call for applications for INOGOV Spring School

The Earth System Governance Affiliated Project INOGOV – Innovations in Climate Governance, is calling for abstracts for an international workshop and for applications to its summer school (only EU based researchers).

INOGOV is an international network of excellence dedicated to understanding policy and governance innovation for climate change. It draws together scholars and practitioners who focus on particular aspects of climate change policy and governance innovation, namely their: ‘sources’; ‘diffusion’; and ‘effects’. Funded by COST, INOGOV uses a range of networking instruments, including funding for intensive research workshops, visiting fellowships and summer schools, to lever novel findings from existing research investments.

Climate Governance after Paris: Exploring the links between intergovernmental, transnational and domestic climate policies

Call for abstracts for a fully funded workshop

22-24 March 2017, Global Policy Institute, Durham University, UK

The workshop aims to:

Conceptualize and map the different pathways through which domestic, intergovernmental and transnational governance initiatives can potentially interact with and raise or lower the level of ambition of actions taken in other governance domains.

Develop our understanding of these linkages by analyzing specific instances in which domestic, intergovernmental and/or transnational  initiatives have interacted with and reinforced one another, or not. Specifically, the aim here is to develop positive explanations of when and why actions in one sphere can influence outcomes in another.

Draw insights from the conceptual and empirical work undertaken in order to develop lessons for policymakers attempting to leverage actions in particular spheres.

Papers may be conceptual, empirical, or normative in nature, and can apply a range of methods. Proposal deadline: 24 November 2016.

Read the full call here.

INOGOV International Spring School – Governing Climate Change: Polycentricity in Action?

Call for applications

28 – 31st March 2017, Heerlen, The Netherlands

The first INOGOV Spring School is aimed at Early Career Researchers (i.e. PhD students, Research Masters students, and researchers that have obtained their PhD <7 years ago), with an interest in developing expertise around climate change policy and governance. There is no fee for the spring school and reasonable funding will be available to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

The spring school will cover topics including:

  • Characteristics of polycentric climate governance
  • Concepts of governance innovation, transition and transformation
  • Conceptual frameworks surrounding the notion of governance interventions (e.g. policy entrepreneurs, experiments)
  • Conceptual frameworks to explain the diffusion of governance inventions (e.g. drivers, barriers)
  • Conceptual frameworks to evaluate governance innovations
  • Data and research methods for studying polycentricity and innovations in climate governance
  • Political power and knowledge
  • Systemic factors e.g. equity, legitimacy, accountability


Deadline for applications – 13th November 2016. Read the full call here.

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