Published on Dec 12, 2017

Dear Earth System Governance Research Fellows,

Would you like to be part of the next Earth System Governance research trip in Europe?

The Earth System Governance research trip is an event organised by and for Earth System Governance Research Fellows with the support of the Earth System Governance Project. A small group of early-career research fellows will visit several Earth System Governance Research Centres in Europe with the aim to learn about cutting edge research, exchange ideas, gain inspiration, forge new collaborations and strengthen the network.

How you can participate:

–       Co-organize and participate in the research trip: the research trip will be organized by a group of 6-10 early-career research fellows who will also participate in the event itself. Practically, this means making arrangements with host institutions, acquiring funding and organizing travel and accommodation.

–       Host research fellows at your institute: host a 1-2 day visit of Earth System Governance Research Fellows at your institute as part of the research trip. This could include workshops, lectures, excursions, etc. in which both the research trip participants and other local Earth System Governance Research Fellows can participate. It would be highly appreciated if your institution can provide funding for accommodation and/or travel.

The next research trip is planned to take place during May 2018 (specific dates to be decided by participants). For inspiration, see the report of last year’s research trip here.

Please let us know if you are interested to participate in or host the Earth System Governance research trip! For expressions of interest or any questions, please contact Nidia Gonzalez [] and Sandra van der Hel [].