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Call for Input and Editorial Board Nominations: 10 New Insights in Climate Science

Each year Future Earth consults with researchers and carries out a horizon scan in fields related to climate change to assess the latest findings and most important new emerging trends. This report is a testament to how valuable scientific synthesis is for policy and society at large, by expanding and improving the knowledge of our planetary climate systems and the interactions with the human world.

Future Earth has opened a call for input to the next 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2021, aimed to launch during UNFCCC COP26. They are scoping researchers from around the globe for inputs on which key scientific findings/developments should be highlighted. This call also serves to identify possible authors of the paper. Simultaneously, they are opening a call for nominations of Editorial Board members for 2021. For this to be successful, Future Earth kindly asks for contributions to two aspects:


  • Submit proposal insights. Call opened through the link (until 24:00 GMT 7th March). The two key questions asked are are 1) What do you think are the 1-3 main new insights regarding climate within your field of research, and which papers or reports are these based on?; and 2) Would you consider being part of an author group for a selected insight, contributing to a peer-reviewed paper on this year’s 10 insights, or suggest experts as authors?


  • Please nominate members for the Editorial Board. A key mechanism for the Future Earth community to contribute to the project is through the four Editorial Board members that Future Earth can appoint. You can also give your continued support to an existing member (Thomas Hickman is the current member from the Earth System Governance Project). Please send suggestions by email with the title ‘10NICS 2021 Editorial Board nomination’ to ipo@earthsystemgovernance by 20th of Feb. Include a brief description and CV if possible when nominating a new Editorial Board member. The Earth System Governance Project will then refer this nomination to Future Earth. Future Earth will consider diversity in terms of disciplines, gender, geography, etc when selecting Editorial Board members.


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