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Call for papers: Exploring ‘Planetary Health’ in the Context of Earth System Governance

This call for papers seeks contributions exploring the relevance of the ‘Planetary Health’ concept within the context of Earth System Governance.

The aim is to understand whether the ‘Planetary Health’ framework can provide solutions and useful framings for decision makers and support transformative action needed to address environmental changes.

More details on this call for papers can be found below.

Submission Deadline:
July 15, 2023

For any inquiries about the appropriateness of contribution topics, please contact Managing Guest Editor: Dr. Annabelle Workman.

Guest editors:

Research Fellows
Senior Research Fellows

Exploring ‘Planetary Health’ in the Context of Earth System Governance

Health is an essential ingredient for humans to flourish. Determinants of health often sit beyond the remit of the health sector: socio-cultural, political, economic, technical, commercial, and environmental factors can impact health outcomes. These dynamic factors that exist in our built and natural environments and their impacts on health are the focus of the ‘planetary health’ concept.
‘Planetary health’ was introduced as a conceptual model for the health of human populations and the environment on which they depend and has been framed as an extension of the ecological public health model that focuses on addressing the complex challenges of the Anthropocene epoch.

For this special issue, we call for contributions that interrogate the theoretical and applied relevance of ‘planetary health’ within the context of Earth System Governance, with empirical research especially appreciated. Specifically, we ask potential authors to consider what relevance, if any, does ‘planetary health’ have in providing solutions or useful framings within the Earth Systems Governance framework? For example, is planetary health a helpful framework for decision makers? Can a planetary health perspective be used to support the transformative action we urgently need to respond to climatic and other environmental changes? What can we learn from case studies of research that take a planetary health perspective?

Keywords: (Planetary health) AND (justice) OR (equity) OR (climate change) OR (climate resilient development)

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