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Call for Presentations: Early career perspectives on Future Earth – ecology and civilization

From August 7 – 19 Future Earth, The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL), the International Network of Next-Generation Ecologists (INNGE), and the Early Career Researchers Network of Networks (ECR NoN) are hosting an online conference to exhibit the perspectives of leading early career researchers on the challenges for science and society to inform and govern the relationship between society and the planet.

The core of the program will consist of sessions hosted by international science projects and early career networks. These sessions will consist of 3-5 talks of 15-20 min length. These talks will be selected by the initiatives to exhibit the highest-quality research and most thoughtful early career perspectives on a topic relevant to the overall theme of the conference. The Earth System Governance Project aims at proposing a session on the governance aspects of the conference theme. If you are interested to join our session, please send an email to

Download the conference poster here.


We want this conference to give an overview of the latest and most high-quality early career research insights and perspectives on the broad topic of the conference. The sustainability of human interaction with the planet is inherently an intergenerational issue, being shaped by generations of action and in-actions. Contributions from early-career researchers and practitioners are of crucial importance to inform this relationship as they give a sense of the perspectives from the future generation of researchers and citizens.

Celebrating important milestones: The online conference also serves as input, celebration and warm up to  several important milestones in sustainability science the week after the online conference.

(1) The first conference of the international science program, Future Earth, will take place August 24-26 as the 7th International Conference on Sustainability Science (

(2) At the same time, the conference also marks the 50th anniversary of the International Association for Ecology one of the early platforms for international ecological and environmental science (

(3) More recently, the conferences on social-ecological resilience are celebrating their near 10-year anniversary, marking the growing importance of dynamic perspectives on human-environment interactions (

The online conference will help improve the knowledge-exchange between the many and varied communities associated with these conferences and the field of sustainability science.

New opportunities: The online conference aims at implementing new possibilities for using online communication tools for the international community of researchers to share ideas while minimizing their environmental footprint. We hope you will be part of exhibiting the diversity and excellence of early career research taking place around the world.

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