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Early Career Researchers – What should you expect from your trip to Toronto?

We are so looking forward to the ESG conference in 6 weeks in Toronto, Canada. If you are an early career scholar, you can be sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to meet scholars across career stages, regions, and disciplines. Whether it’s your first academic conference, the first time travelling to an in-person conference in some time, or perhaps you’re very familiar with conferences, you are very welcome. It will surely be inspiring to have a group of over 60 early career scholars at the early career events for #ESG2022. Check out some tips written by our previous early career committee for how to make the most of any academic conference.

So what is in store for ECRs on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October in Toronto?

On Thursday 20th, you are invited to kick off your conference outside the classroom. There will be a walk at Evergreen specifically for Early Career scholars led by Matthew Hoffman – one of the three conference chairs. Matt is a naturalist and will give us a fascinating insight into the area. Evergreen is a space in Toronto with a mission to create cities that are livable, green and prosperous. It will be a mixture of hiking and engaging with this exciting centre, which has 30 years of history in education around sustainable development.

On Thursday evening, the Living Library will be opened with a keynote presentation by Prof. Michelle Betsill. Prof. Betsill is a Professor of Global Environmental Politics, a founding member of the Earth System Governance Project, and is currently associate editor of the Earth System Governance Journal. Knowledge exchange activities will follow with senior scholars and the ESG Scientific Steering Committee.

On Friday morning, we will meet for breakfast. With the assumption that pancakes make most things more fun, the group will be invited to present research to each other. On Friday at 16.30, the entire conference assembly will meet for the first time for the official opening of the conference and a keynote presentation by climate activist and thought leader Tzeporah Berman. Afterwards, you are free to enjoy the evening as you wish in this lively, cosmopolitan city.

Of course, the entire conference is an opportunity to connect with like-minded scholars from across the globe. We encourage you to explore the city of Toronto outside of the programme. Perhaps you might to reach out to other scholars in advance of the conference, join the (optional) Signal Group (to follow) for early career scholars, and make the most of the trip to Canada together. Perhaps you have time after the conference and you will be heading off with newfound friends to Niagara Falls for a well-deserved break.

The Early Career Events have been curated by conference chair University of Waterloo professor Sarah Burch, and her team Devon Jones and Jenna Phillips, with Cebby Bliss from the ESG Early Career Committee. We are especially excited about this part of the conference programme and are looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.

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