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Earth System Governance at the ISEE 2010

The Earth System Governance Project is a partner of the 11th Biennial Conference of the International Scoiety for Ecological Economics (ISEE2010). This conference with the theme Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis will be held 22-25 August 2010 in Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany. Following sessions will be hosted by the Earth System Governance Project:

PS 1-11: Parallel Session – Advancing Sustainability: Lessons, Learning and Legal Implementation

PS 2-09: Parallel Session – Regulation and Valuation in Water Governance

PS 3-09: Parallel Session – Vertical Interplay and Horizontal Fragmentation in Climate Governance

PS 3-15: Short Presentation Session – Effective and Fair Governance of Natural Resources Between Economic Development and Environmental Protection

PS 4-09: Parallel Session – Institutional Design and Scale in (Polycentric) Multilevel Governance

PS 5-09: Parallel Session – Trading, taxing or Regulating: Policy Instruments Towards Multiple Objectives

PS 7-09: Parallel Session – Participatory Governance

PS 7-11: Parallel Session – The (Re)Distribution of Benefits and Burdens Over Time and Space

Two members of the Earth System Governance Scientific Steering Committee will have prominent roles at the conference. Prof. Bernd Siebenhüner, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, is the chair of the ISEE 2010, and Prof Pius Z. Yanda, University of Dar Es Salaam, will give a key-note speech at a semi-plenary session with the title Managing Biodiversity Resources in a Changing Climate in Africa – How to get it right? Numerous other colleagues from the Earth System Governance Associate Faculty, Research Fellows, and Research Centres will contribute to the ISEE 2010 as well. In addition, the executive officer of the Earth System Governance Project, Ruben Zondervan, is involved in the overall organizational of the conference.

More information, including a preliminary programme of the ISEE 2010 is available on the → conference website.

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