Published on May 24, 2011

A brief meeting was held at the Colorado Conference on Earth System Governance to bring together interested researchers on the environmental and social equity dimensions of the analytical problem of Access and Allocation, and to brainstorm whether some form of network among such persons would be helpful. The idea of an Earth System Governance Equity Network was welcomed in concept by the Earth System Governance Scientific Steering Committee on 17 May 2011. Meeting attendees agreed that the dialogue begun at that meeting should be encouraged broadly across the 5 analytical problems, and committed to stay in touch to continue the conversation particularly in view of the 2012 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance that will focus on equity and fairness. All interested in these issues, and in engendering their representation generally through some form of affiliation, please contact Timothy Ehresman ( or Dimitris Stevis ( to pursue this further. An informal prospectus of the Earth System Governance Equity Network is available here.