Published on Oct 09, 2018

The Knowledge Action Network for Emergent Risk and Extreme Events (RISK KAN), a joint initiative of Future Earth, IRDR and WCRP, has been launched and is now open for general membership and membership in the Development Team members or working groups.

The RISK KAN invites interested researchers to self-nominate for a membership in the Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events, in the Development Team (DT) and/or working groups. All positions are voluntary. Working groups, to be structured along with the establishment of DT, will be a core element of the Risk KAN allowing demand driven, flexible, challenge based networking to support and help shape the agenda of the Risk KAN.

Submission deadline expression of interest: 15 November 2018.

Read the full call here.

For more information on the RISK KAN and news on related activities, please see the website.