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Frank Biermann Awarded ISA Distinguished Scholar Award

The founder of the Earth System Governance Project, Professor Frank Biermann has been awarded the Distinguished Scholar Award in the Environmental Studies section by the Internation Studies Association.

This award recognizes outstanding scholars whose long history of excellent research and teaching has had a substantial impact on fields associated with international relations and environmental issues.

Frank Biermann is a longstanding and prominent member of the ESS Section, with a distinguished career in teaching and researching global environmental politics. He is a research professor of Global Sustainability Governance with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. Professor Biermann has authored about 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is author or editor of 18 highly influential books. He has significantly shaped and impacted major conceptual and theoretical debates in our research community, for instance, with his work on Earth System Governance, the Anthropocene, the Sustainable Development Goals, international bureaucracies and fragmentation of global environmental governance. He has been instrumental in strengthening the global research community on environmental governance as the founder and first chair (2008-2018) of the Earth System Governance Project (ESG), a leading global transdisciplinary research network of sustainability scholars. He is series editor of three book series, and has recently established the Earth System Governance journal. Finally, throughout his career, Frank Biermann has been an enthusiastic and immensely supportive mentor of younger researchers, always striving to motivate them to not only excel in their scientific pursuits but also to put their newly acquired knowledge to use in society.

Please join us for the roundtable to celebrate Frank’s outstanding contribution to the field at the ISA Online Conference 2021 on Friday, 9th April, at 9.30 am – 10.45 am Eastern Daylight Time = 3.30 pm – 4.45 pm Central European Summer Time).

  • Chair: Kate O’Neill (University of California, Berkeley )
  • Chair: Fariborz Zelli (Lund University )
  • Honoree: Frank Biermann (Utrecht University )
  • Participant: Michele Betsill (Colorado State University )
  • Participant: Peter Dauvergne (University of British Columbia )
  • Participant: Aarti Gupta (Wageningen University )
  • Participant: Michelle Scobie (University of the West Indies )
  • Participant: Oran R. Young (University of California, Santa Barbara, Bren School )
  • Participant: Philipp Pattberg (Institute for Environmental Studies )

!! Please note that you need to be a registered participant of the ISA Virtual Conference to join ( The broadcast will start two minutes before the session time. The panel no. in the convention programme is FB17 !!

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