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IHDP National Committee Japan supports Earth System Governance

The inaugural meeting of the earth system governance sub-committee of the IHDP National Committee Japan took place at the Science Council of Japan in Tokyo on 6 November 2012.

At this meeting, the sub-committee, chaired by Earth System Governance Scientific Steering Committee member Prof. Norichika Kanie (Tokyo Institute of Technology and United Nations University – Institute for Advanced Studies), was briefed about the state of preparations for the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference and saw a presentation on the Earth System Governance Project by Ruben Zondervan, the executive director of the Earth System Governance Project.

The earth system governance sub-committee has been established to further integrate the Earth System Governance Project with the Japanese research community and to support the development of the Project.

Members of the sub-committee are the Earth System Governance Lead Faculty members Prof. Hironori Hamanaka (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies), Prof. Hiroshi Ohta (Waseda University) and Prof. Kazuhiro Ueta (Kyoto University). The other members are Prof. Yukio Himiyama (International Geographical Union (IGU), Science Council of Japan, Hokkaido University of Education), Prof. Atsushi Ishii (Tohoku University), Dr. Yasuko Kameyama (National Institute for Environmental Studies), Dr. Isao Sakaguchi (Gakushuin University), Prof. Sakurai Takeshi (Hitotsubashi University), Prof. Takahiro Yamada (Tokyo Metropolitian University), and Dr. Yoshiki Yamagata (National Institute for Environmental Studies).

The Earth System Governance Project welcomes the sub-committee and is looking forward to future collaboration.

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