Published on Nov 11, 2019

We congratulate Janina Grabs for winning the Oran R. Young Prize for the best early-career paper of the 2019 Mexico Conference –  Is private environmental governance an oxymoron? The effectiveness of market-based sustainability standards in improving ecosystem conservation

The Oran R. Young Prize awarded by the Earth System Governance Project seeks to reward and encourage cutting-edge research on earth system governance by early-career scholars who could become the next generation of leading scholars in the field of environmental governance research – a field shaped and significantly influenced by the pioneering work of Prof. Oran R. Young. Read more about the Prize here.

Runner-up to the winning paper is a study on  Where does novelty come from? A social network analysis of transnational municipal networks engaged in global climate governance  by Marielle Papin-Manjarrez (Laval University).

Janina Grabs is a postdoctoral researcher in ETH Zurich’s  Environmental Policy Lab.

For winning the 2019 Oran R. Young Prize, Janina Grabs will receive a presentation plaque and a book-voucher from The MIT Press worth 250 USD.  

The 2019 Prize Committee:

  • Rakhyun E. Kim (Prize Committee Chair)
  • Kenneth W. Abbott
  • Frank Biermann
  • John Dryzek
  • Victor Galaz
  • Sikina Jinnah
  • Louis Kotzé
  • Leticia Merino
  • Ronald B. Mitchell
  • Kanako Morita