Published on May 27, 2011


The Earth System Governance Project is proud to announce the “Lund Conference on Earth System Governance – Towards a Just and Legitimate Earth System Governance: Addressing Inequalities”, to be held 16-20 April 2012 in Lund, Sweden.

The Lund Conference on Earth System Governance is organised jointly by the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) – an Earth System Governance Research Centre – and the Department of Political Science at Lund University along with the Earth System Governance Project.  The conference is part of a global series organized by the Earth System Governance Project, a ten-year research program under the auspices of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP). The first Earth System Governance conference was held in Amsterdam in December 2009, followed by the Colorado Conference in Fort Collins in May 2011.

The Earth System Governance project advances a research agenda that is structured around five analytical problems. These are the problems of the overall architecture of earth system governance, of agency beyond the state and of the state, of the adaptiveness of governance mechanisms and processes, of their accountability and legitimacy and of modes of allocation and access in earth system governance. The Lund Conference on Earth System Governance will address all analytical problems but will emphasise the analytical problems of accountability and allocation and access.

The Call for Papers with a detailed description of the conference theme, key dates, and additional information will be released soon.