Published on Jan 17, 2019

Adapting to worsening impacts of climate change is one of the greatest modern challenges. Yet, limited action on the part of public authorities still prevails. Why is this so? What causes lock-ins in climate adaptation policies? How do they arise, manifest themselves and why do they persist?

These questions will be tackled by an exciting new three year project, funded by three prestigious national science funding organizations (DFG, NWO, and ESRC) under the competitive Open Research Area (ORA) program.

The partnering universities – including the Earth System Governance Research Centre Oldenburg, and Earth System Governance Research Centre Norwich – now seek applications from qualified candidates who are motivated to become part of this important and timely international endeavor. See the different job adverts under:

Applications should be submitted to the specific universities by 15 February 2019. For further details of the project see here.

If you wish to be considered for several of these jobs at the same time, please use the same material in applying to each of the universities you are interested in, while following each university’s own application processes. Please indicate that you have done this in your application.