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New Research Center in Central and Eastern Europe

The Earth System Governance is pleased to announce the Earth System Governance Research Center Central and Eastern Europe, a new Earth System Governance Research Centre committed to contribute to the implementation of the Earth System Governance Project as part of the global alliance of Earth System Governance Research Centres through interdisciplinary research across natural and social sciences.

The Research Centre is hosted by the CETIP Network, a collaborative research platform dedicated to introducing novel ideas into interdisciplinary environmental research, education and policy making. CETIP’s main mission is interdisciplinary research across natural and social sciences, in particular. The centre is led by Prof. Tatiana Kluvankova.

CETIP was established in 2008 as a research centre of the Trans-disciplinary Studies of Institutions, Evolution and Policies associated with the Slovak Academy of Sciences. CETIP subsequently evolved into the independent supra-regional collaborative research network of Central and Eastern Europe. It currently comprises approximately 60 researchers and PhD students from the EU Centre of Excellence SPECTRA at the Slovak University of Technology, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Management Comenius University Bratislava, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Ljublana University, the Economic University in Prague, and the University of Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic.

CETIPS’s main research activities focus on novel approaches in studying environmental governance in particular within the experimental platform Virtual Commons, established by the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity (CSID), Arizona State University. The frontiers of research interests are the analysis and prediction of individual and group behaviour in decision-making under the complexity and uncertainty of external disturbances. The complexity of the contemporary world, in particular the diversity of interests, multiple-decision actors, and the spatial dynamics of economic and natural processes have dramatically increased the probability of unexpected events and the vulnerability of traditional socio-ecological systems. Adaptation to those disturbances requires new governance and policy approaches.

CETIP organizes and facilitates research dialogue at the national and international level. Research visits, training schools, thematic workshops and conference sessions are key components listed in the session activities below. We plan to continue inviting important international researchers for short- and long-term research visits, as well as exchange visits for our researchers.

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