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Podcast and blog with Kim Nicholas: “Ten things I wish I had known ten years ago”

In this 45-minute podcast, research fellow Ina Möller interviews Kim Nicholas, senior lecturer at LUCSUS, Lund University. Kim Nicholas shares her advice for early career researchers on time management, dealing with failure, coping with the imposter syndrome, worrying about the future, taking care of your health, and the importance of maintaining relationships with friends and family. Have a listen!

Do you want a summary of this podcast and a list of useful material? Check out the following blogpost.

10 things I wish I’d known 10 years ago


Last October, I gave a Sunday morning talk to a group of early-career researchers attending the Earth Systems Governance conference. It was a day-long program on Developing a career in earth system governance: opening up science. I enjoyed the chance to gather my thoughts and pass along some good advice I’ve been given (and some earned through experience!).

Here’s a condensed list and links to resources I’ve found helpful. Hope they’re useful to others!

  1. Keep asking what you find meaningful. (My current motto: Maximize meaning, minimize carbon.)
  2. Cultivate a healthy writing practice.
  3. Spend time wisely.
  4. Impostor syndrome never goes away. Don’t let it stop you.
  5. Take initiative to figure out and ask for what you want.
  6. Embrace failure.
  7. Appreciate and prioritize family and friends.
  8. Cultivate your physical and mental health.
  9. Give back and share with others.
  10. The future will not turn out like you planned, and that’s okay.

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